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  1. Thanks for sharing, that explains why I haven't found the others.  Taking on level 50+ MOBs is not something I regularly do.  Seems a little strange though that they'd be found on such high level MOBs, I thought the mission was targeted more targeted towards mid level players.
  2. If you figure out where to get them from then please come back here and post it.  I've had the same mission for awhile, and can't figure out what drops them.  I did find an LR a very long time ago, but can't remember where it came from.
  3. I'm in the states and I get connection drops at gates all the time too.  Seems to have started with the last patch they did.  I don't remember where I saw it, but there was something in the forums about that patch containing an improvement that might help with multiboxing.  I'm curious if that improvement is causing all the drops.   I also see lots of complaints in the online chat about people getting dropped, so its possible your issue isn't related to KPN.
  4. I haven't seen any grouped fields of hulks, but the individual ones are about 15k off the various nav paths.  Someone else may have a better way, but I go off the main path and then free warp alongside it.
  5. Are there any ore fields in Der Todesengel?   I know there's the hulks, but after free warping all over the place I haven't seen any ores.  Are other prospectors just draining the fields or are there really none?   Seems like there would be some high level Glowing Rocks and Crystals since there's the "Glowin' Rock' and "Crystal Heart" points.    
  6. Thanks for sharing this info.  It came in very handy.
  7. Don't want to complain, because I love the Explorer love shown in this patch, but....  I agree with StarFox, I'd expect the basic Mission Info to be in the Mission Log.  If an NPC tells me to go see Bob on Earth then the mission log should say that.  If he tells me to go find Bob somewhere in Sol, then it should say that.   We shouldn't have to write down the stuff the NPC says for the mission.   I'm not saying we shouldn't have to write anything down, but it should be stuff we figure out.  Not stuff that was already told to our character.   Again, don't get me wrong.  I really enjoyed the mission, and the other ones added with the patch.  Just my two cents.
  8. Your game account and portal accounts are seperate accounts.  If you're trying to use the same account information you use on the portal to login to the game, then that's probably why you're not able to login.    Since you know your portal login, go there and then click on 'Avatar Setting' under the 'Account' menu.   Under "You are currently working with your game account" it should say the name of your game account.    Further down you should see "Reset Password for Game-Account"   click on the "forgot password" button.   Hope that helps get you back in the game.
  9. I went back and looked in the chat.log file and sure enough it was there.  "Killed 1 of 5 for Help Construct Antares 1"  I just wasn't seeing it at all when doing the mission.   I'm pretty sure Merjan is the one that gives it, but I don't know what the prereqs are.
  10. Figures as soon as I post that I manage to kill the right one.   If anyone else comes here looking for the answer:  [spoiler]You just have to keep killing Voltoi Deviant's around Observation Post B. I'm not sure if it's a specific one, or a certain number that you have to kill.[/spoiler]
  11. I can't get past Step 5 of the "Help Construct Antares 1" mission.  The mission instructions say "Help keep Antares 1 workers safe by slaying hostile Voltoi Observation Post B."   I've killed a bunch of different Voltoi around that point with no result.  Could someone let me know what specific Voltoi I'm supposed to kill?   I did search the forums and google, but only found a complaint about step 8 in this quest line.
  12. Senior moment aside, I think you had a good point when you mentioned print sizes.  The way it currently works it basically just prints it the same way it's displayed on the screen.  This takes up a lot of pages, depending on the item.  It would be nice to be able to just print a simplified version.  Or a quick list for miners that just shows the raw ores needed and their total.
  13. Since Prrekoorb bumped this, I just wanted to point out there's no reason to Sticky the thread.  The same info is already in the "New Player Help" thread that's already stuck in this forum.   Good to know Leeroy's been fixed.  I've been waiting on that.
  14. I don't like the roid dumping the items into space.  I think that's just asking for trouble.  I go to pull a lvl9 device from a hulk and someone swoops in and grabs it from space.  Or space gets filled with 500 floating groups of debris.  I'd be OK with an all or nothing system that pulls the entire contents of a roid to your hull.  So if you don't have space for everything you don't get it.  This would probably cause energy problems for lower level problems though.   I'd also be in favor of a timer that starts after you close a roid.  The time's debatable, but lets say a minute.  Every time someone reopens the roid the timer resets, but if that minute passes it despawns so that it can respawn quicker.  This should help will all the hulks filled with debris.
  15. Sometimes when flying around the galaxy I'll see a factioned MOB being attacked by another MOB.  Sometimes I'll swoop in and kill the other MOB.  I think it would be nice to get a little faction reward for "Rescuing" the other MOB, and maybe a message saying "Thanks for saving my bacon."   I know some MOBs will already give a faction reward when you kill them, but this isn't the case with unfactioned MOB's attacking factioned MOB's.
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