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  1. I have killed and looted the controllers central core and when i speak to shang li chun he does not give me the mission for the shield. What should i do?   thanks, Socialreject
  2. Shang Li Chun still wont give me insane in the mainframe. Is there a GM around that could help me out?
  3. yep im in static.. but it was late and most people were afk.. im lvl 142 with +2050 rd faction.. any help would be appreciated.. I have gone to shang li chun but i all i get is the normal 3 dialogs. knife fights-huh-and nearby assitance..   Thanks.
  4. I just got the core and i dont seem to be able to get the mission from Shang Li in queens annes revenge. Are there some prereqs that i need to do?
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