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  1. The whole AA in the certain roids every restart couldn't be a bug, I mean Im no computer guy, but that would be saying that each and every roid has its own spawning parameters, wouldn't it be 1 'code' all of them run off of?  And if that/those few were different, then their code must of been changed   /conspiracy theory mode off   Matt, I was clearing fields not for a 'timer' effect, but simply for a fresh respawn. Figuring the roid contents are determined by 'a random roll whose result pulls the ore/item from a list',   the more ya mine, the more they respawn, the more chances of hitting a good number on the random table.
  2. Having spent some time 'clearing' fields and sitting watching them Ive found that in the time it takes me to clear a field 2-3 times it has 'reset' itself at some point.  This does essentially the same thing as mining it out (and takes less work) Therefore, unless you need some ore or lvls from mining, the most efficient way to find an AA seems to be warp in>scan>warp to the next field, the basic restart drill Given the odds of finding one after a restart vs normal time mining Id have to assume there are 2 different formulas for the spawning Then there's the possibility Im a complete idiot and have no clue what im doing.....   Broken or As Intended ?   Only the AA gods know for sure......
  3. I have been mining in a "safe" location, 7-9 'rockey' roids for awhile now off and on. Turning over the field to get 'fresh spawn' roids with no sign of an AA.  I have gained over 20 lvls on the 3 toons Ive used to do this with  JE PS TS, all OL 150. I have been told that an AA has not been seen from this field This may not be enough time to verify anything but I am now moving to a more 'hostile' field where I have found an AA(restart).
  4. As it is "AA's" seem to be found only after a restart. When there is a restart everyone rushes to the fields, scans, then moves to the next field. Given the increased chance of one showing up, and the increased scouting for them it may be why they are found at this time.   What if they didn't show as "AA's" on a scan but as a single piece of ore? When you did mine one it wouldn't stack with the other ores of the same name and the refine terminal wouldn't accept it (or would strip the ore from around it), then you take it to Raven for ID.  Would it be possible to change the pic for them? The name?   Granted this would make them even more on the rare side, perhaps an increase in the spawn rate?
  5. I admit Im surprised it isn't in game,  Only thing I can think of is I know they have a few "Fixes" to do also, perhaps these aren't quite ready or they are waiting for their meeting today to discuss/install them?
  6. The commanders are there,  just not many of them,  you have to wait for them to respawn to continue.  There is no trigger on this step.   The next step does have a trigger, warp to the base, chat with the wall, this will spawn the Boss and his 2 sidekicks,  bring friends and a good healer
  7. Don't worry, IIRC last year it started on the 31 and ran into Dec......
  8. Understanding the options are Black/White  But interested in the opinions of the community.   I haven't seen any 'Drama' in awhile so I felt it a good time to ask this.  I see new people in chat all the time, yet they soon vanish. At times chat is non-existent and Ill put something up just to see if I have crashed or not.
  9. Credits have no value in the game, why would you need to have a sink?   If you have that many that it bothers ya, give them to a GM If everyone else having more bothers ya, get over it   They don't care about them   I have yet to see anyone in game ask for credits and not have several people send them more than they need
  10. Why not set up an event with BL?   Each guild brings a group of 12 to the PRS  BL pops the trigger and the timer starts No dual boxing
  11. Not a Dev, but AFAIK Halloween content is a pre-developed ad on and simply needs to be put into play. Id expect to see it in a few weeks.
  12. That's good to hear Ben, was it in a remote area?  possibly overlooked since the restart or an area frequented by many? I suppose with the refresh on ore fields it wouldn't matter either way. 
  13. From what I have herd AA's only spawn on restarts, no one has claimed to of found one 24+ hrs after a restart With all the mining people do in game seems to me that it should be more common for them to pop up during "Normal" game time This of course is assuming that each AA has a straight % chance to spawn with no specifics attached.
  14. Such a thing should be reported on a bug ticket Not doing so is an exploit
  15. I herd that AA's had been 'fixed' on spawning after a restart, Has anyone found one 24+ hrs after a restart or by repeated clearing of a field? Are they ONLY in the 'rocky' roids?  Ive herd of them coming from gas clouds also but not sure if that is a myth
  16. Server is up.   Please Only 1 Post when the server goes down  Each post here sends a BUZZZZZ  to Zachs phone  (sorry Zach) to alert him of server issues.  To many and he turns off his phone and goes back to Deep Space Nine reruns.
  17. Yes, multi Boxing is allowed        Yes the majority of the players have several diff toons and mine/farm/build/hunt for themselves There are some who take the solo rout, there are many builders out there who will build whatever you may need   Mining as a profession = no Building as a profession = no farming as a profession = no  Some of the Guilds may be structured differently and encourage interaction amongst the trades, I canot speak for them
  18. 2 requests about TS and raids Please keep the talk clean, I had to turn it off today, kids in the house Please watch chat, It seems when you guys are on TS you ignore those who type, not talk  
  19. Meh   went back to Win7   to many things weren't workin with 10
  20. I followed the first set of destructions you posted btw
  21. Just installed Win 10 (Cant find a darn thing...  missin Win 7 already, but perhaps it will grow on me.   After entering the game, all works well, however after a few min it starts to freeze up, just a sec at first, then a bit longer, then longer till it locks up. After a few times of this I loged in and sat outside OMP, same thing happened without me moving.  Any ideas?
  22. GoBB   10:15 PM  EST  ish .......
  23. If the Public raid falls on a weekday. just assume it was killed between 7-8pm est
  24. Unicorn, If Anyone, regardless of their guild is invited to a Pub raid, they are free to roll on any loot, I hope your guild would not hold it against them if they do.   And Syber,  Get Syberella out in those fields  cant have a shortage of Coffee
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