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  1. You are one of the main reasons this server is slowly dying. 

    It's unfortunate you stifle actual discussion. 

    Multiboxing was NOT permitted on live and was a bannable offense. 

    1. Arthurdent


      It's unfortunate you feel the need to seek validation for your own biased opinions, such as trolling for an argument where your own position has already been stated in previous posts. As far as multiboxing being permitted in the original game, the only limits imposed were the number of accounts you could pay for, and the number of connections your wallet could support with phone lines or discrete IP addresses. You are wrong, period. Live with it.

    2. Mattsacre


      A yeh, Arthur is right on this. There was no ban on multiboxing LIve. If you wanted to pay for a second account and run two toons at the same time it was allowable. Most comps at the time couldn't handle running two off the same machine way back then or your connection was so slow (this was the dial up age of AOL folks..56k!) that it wasn't likely. But yes, wallet jockies were in game and allowed. I participated in a few LAN parties that were a hoot...could get a bit loud :). Where I played was a beta test site and even after it went Live there were a few that ran multi-accounts through DSL. There were WW employees (later EA employees) playing right next to them and nary a word was said...What WAS not allowed, and maybe this is what you are remembering, unattended botting (called modding now I guess). If a GM/Dev back then (as now) queried you and you didn't respond in a timely manner (usually like 10 min.) they could/did kick people and if it happened enough, banned for 30 days etc. What they didn't want was repetitive tasks taken on by a machine effecting real players game play. Like a bot hogging all of a spawn, when a player complained the GM would query, if no response it was a good sign of botting. Knowing they couldn't stop it all, they did do some funny things to stop the then primitive bots, like add that L66 dragon that was yellow that spawned in high botting kill spots. The bot didn't see the difference between a L6 chavez mob and a L66 dragon and would target/shoot to insta incap and 100% gear dmg :) When the botter returned to 0 xp gain, xp debt and ruined gear, that usually sent the message.

  2. I know this will probably get attacked, but have at it.
  3. A bunch of boxers.   I quit playing because it's people playing with 5 accounts at once everywhere I go and no one responds to anything locally.
  4. Because boxing really ruined the gameplay experience for me, the world felt fairly empty and large fleets of single players were going around without need to ever interact with anyone else or try to find people.
  5. I'm surprised at the hostility in this thread from Mimir and even from Kyp.   Was " If you don't like the costs, we can absolutely go back to not having a play server. "   ​Really necessary to add in at the end?   The guy never said he didn't want to donate. He said he wanted a breakdown of costs.
  6. I haven't really played EnB in like 12 years. Getting back in, I have no clue about class optimization or where to go or what to do.   Is there a getting started guide or like a leveling guide at all? It's honestly really confusing to me and there's no one around where I started out at.   Also, I thought I remembered a third class for each race, or are those gone now?
  7. I like how you got rated negatively immediately for mentioning PvP.
  8. I really like this idea! How hard could it be to just put up small space stations for big guilds in remote areas?
  9. You're being sarcastic, right? Kids aren't playing Earth and Beyond. At least not kids that are young enough to be offended by the name "Wormho" or "Mofo" Kids play games like Warcraft and Halo on Xbox Live. They are exposed to much worse than "Wormho"
  10. I had a problem with the member in another thread outside of this I made, seeming as if any thread I make he just wants to nay-say and down vote me for no reason, and then I was getting down votes in the cross-racial class thread for posting like one or two words, that had nothing to do with negativity. But anyways, I haven't been on the forums for long, and I did tackle a sensitive subject considering PvP. I played during Stress Test 2 and 3, but never posted. Just from the looks of Stress Test 4 for me, it was time to bring up PvP. Yes, this issue was very rough at the start of this thread, but if you guys are going to vote me down for bringing up touchy subjects, then I suppose I'll deal with it, someone has to.
  11. Just relax man, I value your opinion as much as anyone elses. I just don't appreciate the first post you make, having nothing to do with the topic, being "Don't apologize, it's fine, I'm happy about not having this feature thats being suggested" Can you see at all how that may irk someone?
  12. I'm only defensive because you come into a suggestion thread and go "I'm glad you can't do this, it's fine." Don't celebrate the denial of someones suggestion, man. That's all.
  13. Are you talking about like, zones that would be like "Danger Zones", like, only high level people can go in them?
  14. Aww, you're so nice So, I guess Arena is the way to go. Perhaps only custom made sectors will have open PvP.
  15. You could at least not spit on peoples suggestions. I have half a mind you're the one giving me all my negatives. Regardless, we started talking about a different method of allowing ground combat than client modification, one that uses emotes and other things. You should read the whole thread.
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