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  1. Well...they are traders...they drop trade goods...only thing I have ever got off of them so far.
  2. Cant we already do the BUNYIP in Glenn when we want? Or am I confused about another thing...
  3. Ahhh The Halloween Masks are back...just in time for Valentine's Day?
  4. Running between IS and 61 no issues yet...multiple runs. I will keep trying to break it
  5. I will test tonight and tomorrow with multiple accounts.
  6. All I can find is a lvl40 Trigger mob that at least spawns two lvl55's that hack...so there's that.
  7. I went to check out this thing...yeah a low level will be killed leaving the station. A touring group of 40's in a hexagon pattern are just doing flybys.
  8. I still have mine! That and the Red Lagon War mousepad.
  9. Is there a level cap on the Deep Cycle Battery mission from Zach? I was not able to get it on my TT after I completed the Zeke mission. I was able to get it on my JE at 150...but I cannot continue due to build requirements.
  10. I went back and noticed a gravity well. I wasn't pulled out of warp by the trio of 42's like I initially thought. Someone seems to have stuck a gravity well on Nav Gateway 3 in Freya. First time I went through there in a week and was just stunned to be stopped and then the 42's jumped me. Went back with my JE to seek revenge and not only can they see cloaked, they seem to spam Grav Link. they dropped lvl7 parts for the 3 waves I stuck around to kill. Also another side note...seems to be a Gravity Well in the middle of Akeron's gate circle of navs...so when you target the gate and fly straight through, you get stopped.
  11. So...non factioned Pirates in Freya...hmmm 3x 42's just pulled me out of warp and made me all sorts of sparky and on fire. Now I seek a crew to gain revenge.
  12. Orionpax

    Net 7 Wiki.

    I have the one update, but would like to be more active...this hinges on learning how to edit the wiki and adding my expansive build knowledge.  I will be adding when I can spend the time on the learning curve.
  13. But I like to copy the database onto my spreadsheet manually...line by line. It's quite expansive and I find new things they have added here and there.  I also sleep on broken glass and then shower in lemon juice...but that's just me. :)
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