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  1. Riia

    aa gahyt o

    Hi You were told correctly, it does not drop. Riia
  2. Hi At the vendor just scroll up on your in game computer display and the list will still be there. Riia
  3. Hi Your computer display in game, will show the required components when you click on the item you wish to build in the manufacturing terminal. Riia
  4. Hi Rita;
    I'm a TT lv 62  (I'll explain) on the lv 30 upgrade. 
    I was in invertness with a JE grouped. I saw Roland Homes and and about to talk with him when the JE opened fire on him and killed Homes. JE said that homes fired first. Domb, I told him that homes was my mission. I told him I was not to kill him. 

    Now Homes takes my lenses and don't want to talk to me , tells me go away. Message pops up and says that Homes is involved with another player and to come back later. I did, but every time I go back , days and a whole week later, the same thing he takes my lenses and tells me to go away. Message pops up.

    If I forfeit the mission can I do the mission again or is this a one time deal.
    I'm now lv 62 and had my lv 60 upgrade and it went fine but I think my lv 30 incomplete upgrade has left me with a missed ship slot ( i think) that the lv 30 mission upgrade may have offered.
    Input please
    Joe the JE

    1. Riia



      I can not help you. I do not have access to the Gm tools. You have to speak to a GM. I believe Woodstock would be more than happy to help you.



    2. jmontaperto135@gmail.com


      okay Rita.I'll do that,  thanks for the reply

  5. Hi   I believe LaunchNet7.exe requires .net Framework 3.5 or higher, these versions do not support Win2000.   Riia
  6. Hi   If you are looking for the Musca II RS 4, it is dropping, just not where you are looking.     Riia
  7. Hi   I think you're right.   Locked.   Riia
  8.     The Quebecois would definitely not use the Canadian flag, it would be the Fleurdelisé. As to the rest of your supposition, you may be right.
  9. Hi   The apollo 7 drops from a mob that is in a sector that has not been opened up yet on the Play server.   Is this as intended ? But it was not forgotten.     Riia
  10. Hi   I think all the proof required is in the description of the Gene-maps themselves.   Riia
  11. Hi   I did check at lower lvls of Build Devices and you can not get the mission till you have lvl5.   Riia
  12. Hi   It has come to my attention that the PL-X3 "Dirk" Mk. V and VI have incorrect stats. I have corrected this and it should be live on the next push.   Riia
  13. Hi   Did you look in your lvl3 device list?     Riia
  14. Hi   I'm still researching this,BUT I do not recall this buff on this item being able to buff others, therefore till there is some proof that it did, it will not change.     Riia
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