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  1. pierre

    Net 7 Wiki.

    I would like to add stuff but for example drop locations, I cant add to the list page and if i create a page its not formatted like others. Is that possible to send info to an admin who will add?
  2. Le problème semble résolu en faisant /fmu et en complétant la mission en cours tout est redevenu normal. Merci Arthur :D
  3. Yes i tried and /fmu worked but when i relog they are gone again.
  4. sorry duplicate of the same thing
  5. no its the continuous hull upgrade mission and missions to obtain skills
  6. toon piecott missions disappeard from list when i log
  7. toon piecott missions always disappeard from list when i log in
  8. finally the muska 4 drops from lvl 17 spindles at nav uranus 3 in uranus
  9. Hi, Musca lvl 4 dont drop anymore, peoples told me lvl 28 ostarae at nav varen's girdle 2, i killed hundred of 28-25-23-27 there in fenris in vt, they only drops scutum 4. Is there a bug?
  10. I have the same problem cant  start client on widows xp sp 3 after update  
  11. I played that game a lot 10 years ago, it's one of my best game ever. I discovered this emulator last sunday and i'm back. I'm trying to play 3 caracters at the same time on 3 comp lol, but i have some problems... Thanks for your good work in bringing that game back.
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