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  1.   sounds familiar     ^_^  Sorry I didn't make the implied statement more obvious  ;)   I have already taken your point to heart and expressed it to you all.  I love the item for my Traders and Explorers and I use the CVE on my Warriors, because they (realistically) get no benefit from it now.   It is the perceived "Taking Back" that has people miffed, even though it is a necessary balance needed.    If that could be avoided in the future, it would be better I think.   That may be the lesson learned from this experience. ^_^   Still really thankful for all the hard work done so I can play this game  :D
  2. Yes they were.  I got many items for the gate raids and made lotsa credits too. :)   Do you think the current state of affairs can support 50 to 100 or more toons in the same area as we experienced in live? :blink:   If what I hear is true, you get more that 25 or so in a close area, there are DC's  a-plenty.....  <_<
  3. It ain't your fault, it ain't the mission, and it ain't how easy or hard it is to do the mission (depending on you point of view).   It is taking something back that has people pissed, IMHO.   My Traders and Explorers love and use the WN, my Warriors have one less vault space, cause that is where it sits, since the CVE has a positive buff, no negative buffs and installs faster, and the WN no longer stacks, turbo-wise.  If the WN had been 'balanced' to 11% or 13%, we all would still be using it, since it still stacks.   It is what it is *shrug* and I play the game as it is handed to me.  I am glad the game is here, I am thankful for all the hard work put into it, no if's, and's or but's.   Many Thanks :)
  4. Don't forget Devices, you cant CF them either.   <_<     So it is the big 4, engines, reactors, shields and devices. ;)
  5. I, too remember it this ^^^  way.
  6. I need to go out and test him, to see what he takes now, but he used to take 5 things I am sure of before his changes: Debris, Wreckage Slag, Scrap metal, Landing Struts and Leaky Power Cells.  Pre-changes I just took everything that I thought they might like, popped it in my hold and that was the only way I could get any kind of chat bubble out of him, no goodies - no chat <_<   I was really surprised to see that he did NOT take the Empty Cargo Containers L6 :blink: as they looked exactly like the graphic for many of the "Crate of' devices that they build.
  7. I got this once, you have an old toon.   Just put in a ticket on the WEB site (net 7, not the forum ticket path) and they will sort you out.
  8. ok, so it sounds like non-device builders and non-comp builders could make the Duct Tape/Roller Press, unlike now (not complaining, just making the observation) ^_^   Still wondering if you had Glamor Goo and Derfresser Phlegm in you hold, back then, could you refine the adhesive,,,,,
  9. Wow, I have no idea what they let you do back then, I never made the device in Live.  But that begs the questions:   If you could not build L1 electronic components, did they let you build the Roller Press?   If you were not an explorer class, could you refine the Glamor Goo and Derfresser Phlegm to make the Adhesive?   Both Items are needed to make Duct Tape.  Currently you need the help of a Comp builder and Explorer to finish the mission, if your 'toon is lacking those skills.   Currently I believe the minimum requirements to start the mission are Dev Build 5 and EL 25.
  10. Have you ever.....   *found yourself in a job terminal that is now unresponsive? :mad:   *put your precious, hard-to-get looted item in the analyze terminal, and press the button, only to get no response, either way, and have to relog, only to find your item is now lost? :(   *press the manufacture button on an item and get no item built? :blink:   *try to dismantle an item, but the terminal locks up, and have to exit the game to get free? :wacko:   Well, Zackman may have found an answer here...  :)   To repeat Zackman's words here:   "I found out that this happens mostly when multiboxing. I was able to reproduce this by simply disabling certain packets in the server send to my client with the result, the client being immediatly STUCKED in the terminal! What happens: The client sends a packet to the server (eg. clicking a job) and then the client is waiting for a response for THIS VERY PACKET. Server send back the answer, but if client has a packet drop here, the client is stucked. Unfortunatly the server can not check the client being stucked, since the client is now stopping sending anymore terminal packet at this point. This means we cannot fix this server-sided....but we can "trick" the client: I added a new command now called "/unstuck". Whenever you (player) send this command, the server will send a "Fake terminal packet" to the client and the client becomes immediatly responsive again (just tested it). This will unstuck you from jobterminal and/or manufacture terminal. !!It will unstuck you in a way that you are not losing the item in the manufacture terminal anymore!! WOOTI.... Sorry it took a year...just going through all old bugs and came across this one...."   /Endquote   Thanks Zackman!! :D
  11. Stanig, are they repeatable like the 4 from Imperator Agrippa?   and who starts them, if you are able to give us a point in the right direction  :)
  12. I'm a big lover of flat paint for this exact reason.   <_<     All the different color suns change things even with flat paint *shrug*  :blink:
  13. I may be wrong, but I believe that Byakhee changed the level restrictions, you can level past 75, even get your HU for that level, and still start agrippa, there are penalties, yes, but do NOT take my word for it.  Read post # 61 in this thread, from Byakhee himself. See what he says.   This may allow you to level higher and get what you need to advance, "where there is a will, there is a way"   ;)   Edit:  wow, I just scanned thru this topic and see that YOU, Muhir, started it, lol.  I see that almost all of your opening observations are still valid now, and are good tips to follow.  They helped me in doing all three toon types thru stage III.   The outline Snotty laid out (post # 84) was a real help and kept me outta frustration this go round.   Did it before, done it now, would do it again. :P
  14. Muhir- you can buy progen suits.  The rate asked for in market is 10mil per stack, one stack of 60 will get you 3000 faction when you turn them in to Zieg for Collegia faction boost.   Or as a PS start mining them from hulks and there are are mobs that drop them.  If you do, as with all loot, trade with an alt before turning them in to a vendor/NPC.   And there are repeatable missions, 4 I think, from Imperator Agrippa on Arx Empros that can help @ 50 faction per mission, iirc   I am not sure what faction you need to start, but for my toon it only took 2400 faction to start Stage II, cant find what it took for Stage I.   Happy Agrippa-ing  ;)
  15. Yes, agreed.  And I am putting this on hold as you wish.   There are however a few devices, usually for a PS, that are worthless since there is no shield recharge until 6 seconds after the last damage you take, as it is now, unlike it was in Live, when your shield (and the mobs) did not react the same way.    This, I believe, is their point.  Back then you could regen shields faster than your mob could damage you, in some cases.  Mobs then also had this ability.  As it is now your L150 PW with a CFB can sit next to a low level mob that can do 1 damage to you every 5 seconds or less, and eventually that mob will kill you, unlike Live.   I am not complaining, or asking for a change, and you are probably aware of this and working on it, or have it on a list.   /pressing the hold button ^_^
  16. with a few hours till daylight in europe yet...  On a Saturday morning ....  *sigh* :unsure:
  17. Moon Dwellers drop the Athanor Titanium Shell Casing now, which oddly has no titanium in it...   DB says Monty sells them, not sure about that, but it is the right level, as he only sells L5 stuff
  18. /remember it this way   Ammo parts outside, weapon parts inside.   It made sense this way, would be nice :/
  19. Are you referring to EnB Notifier on the Net 7 site, Downloads section?  It sits in your tool tray with a green, yellow or red face to tell you the server status.
  20. According to the Planner and (my memory) the Privateer gets their last weapon at L100 (5 wep/3 dev) and last dev at 135.  Your sheet shows it differently...
  21. Confirmed:  CL 21 in Xipe, got 2 in about an hour.
  22. @ Mattsacre - Everything you say is correct Matt, but all you need to have Telum advance your mission is one round of the ammo.    There are Eruption II builders and people with one stack of ammo can pass you one round to advance the mission.   @Byakhee -  the formulae need not be changed, the CE3K Eruption II drop is the problem.   It aint dropping and needs to. <_<
  23. that info and much, much more here:   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/2094-new-player-help/
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