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  1. They got a damn tough job, and I will admit it that I have been against alot fo stuff done, but it is impossible to make everyone happy, and to prove that look at the population thats gone from over 500 last winter to around 250 this winter.  I actually left for a bit waiting for some new content thats long over due, but I try to be patient as much as I can hoping to see those great areas we loved in live, I just hope we see them before the pop dips too far down.
  2. nm, just copied the files over from the good copy to fix it, logging didnt help, not all items were null just a select few
  3. I noticed today some items, like lvl 7 basilisk and communcations array pictures arent showing for me like when the parrot feathers went null, then I look at my other computer and they are showing perfect, so obviously a problem with my files. anyone know what it may be?
  4. 2 nights in a row, any idea the problem Zack?
  5. So your saying that no other guild VGE or BI never runs someone off a nav or does anything wrong. There are good and bad people in every guild. Shouldnt label a guild by the actions of some.
  6. With the current "null" for feathers right now, I was wondering what about RD drops, think they arent dropping or its not safe to try at all right now? Dont want to waste the faction if its not advised.  Thanxs
  7. I am kinda going to agree with both sides here, seems at first the nightmare was meant for non warriors classes to get turbo but became an easy way around for warriors to get their PB, why couldnt u make waking nightmare warrior restricted since warriors can get a PB.  20% turbo for a non warrior shouldnt be a super huge jump. Putting the guardians in glenn to stop the botters was an easy fix but did make the honest players mad and I understand that because you can start mining there in your 80's but now death is likely. I for one have not agreed with the devs on alot of areas and havent been happy with alot of changes. Ive evan gotten into it with a certain Dev pretty good. But when all is said and done, we are playing a free game worked on by people who dont get paid to work on it and for that we must give them the benefit of the doubt they are trying to get things going in the right direction. Evan though I dont agree with it all, I will say I support the devs and their hard work they do on this, because in the end we have our game back, might not be like live totally but he we have it back. Cut them some slack and think for once, damn guys good job , because they do deserve it, ok ill be the one to say it "Good work staff, we appreciate you"
  8. great idea, prolly the best money sink there could be and let people get their non-manu items better. 
  9. Never claimed or assumed, rather said noticed and asked a question. when U notice something its not claiming to be fact. So I asked a question to be sure and made a suggestion. Have no idea where you get claiming/assuming from here
  10. noticed last month carapace dropped from 55's, now cerebral cortex are dropping.  Are you guys just alternating drops every so often?  would have been great to see all drops including small amount of bile ammo comp drop from all fish.
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