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  1. I wanna be back in Static!
  2. Yeah, I expect so.... Probably alot of new things we were asking for towards the sunset of the game...   I'll check out the forums to see whats new~~~~     well, If I see you out there I'll probably be asking for help...  LOL     StarTiger~~~~
  3. StarTiger~~~~ Has Returned...   having been searching all corners of the galaxy for his long lost clan!       No, really, I just found out that this emulator is finally working, so I thought I'd give it a try. I tried it when they first brought it out, but I couldn't get it to install right...   Are any of the Original core elite members of Static on here, and if so, Do you remember me? I was an elite member at E&B sunset back in the day...   I really need something to play until Star Citizen comes out...   PS, Does the Fishbowl still exist? Sheesh, this little ensign character has a LOOONNG way to go before I can do the bowl...   Hope to hear from one or more of my old friends,   till then, farewell !
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