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  1. Stop putting words in my mouth. You know full well what i mean
  2. Just lost a bile myself the other day moving it to cargo ... feel your pain and grail water loss
  3. The "public" that wishs to raid should know or atleast ask which target is up next. There are afew that either will not, or "cant" get on ts. Those expecting to raid should be prepared on whichever toon or even toons they wish to raid with. Waiting for 1 person for an hour to make ammo is unacceptable. In Gunny's case, i did see him warp past the normal staging nav for DT. there was over a group sitting there. So i ask you, wouldnt you inquire? I have nothing against anyone, will raid with anyone, will help with rotation raids for others and not roll ( which i personally have done ). Why cant the others do the same? Leaving targets up for any major length of time isnt proper. The raids i personally was in that included BI peoples had no problems with this that you state. We always state if short on players, and before boxing up 6 man teams, that any guild is invited only after comming to the agreement of the "public" raiders present. If those that are opposed to this, im sure they werent even there to begin with and just want to whine. So i ask again, what is so hard about asking for help to kill a target to keep the timers ticking and the raiders happy? As for the the targets being taken out at the second, it doesnt seem very gentlemanly when its a 2 day spawn. This has been for atleast the last 3 months that i have seen. timezones dont mean all that much when its mostly just a 6 hour difference between the raid guilds. This system needs to change abit or guilds need to merge..... Spaceball 1 out ....
  4. < Is TurboTerri, an original dev if you REALLY need to know how my second "T" is capital. Wompum is my main, No guild jumping im all Spaceballs. Plain and simple, Static and VGE dont seem to be able to take out thier targets in a timely manner. This is evident for the past 3 months. ( without mega boxing of course ) This + the fact that the Publics following target is killed at the very last moment, therefor taking a spawn away from us. There is no "Big 3" there is a big 2 BI and Epic. Static and VGE dont deserve thier own week for 2 or 3 people to get thier alts fitted out. Since Xotto went mia, somehow i became the raid whip cracker. If there is a target left up, it will die. Leave the warder up plz...... Spaceballs Will fly with whomever need help, swallow your pride and ask. But the fact remains, if your guild cant launch a raid without boxing up 4 or 5 toons, you DONT deserve a week to yourself. If this is the case, We want our own week. At this time, my normal raid group can and did take out every raid in the lowest possible time. Thats 1 group, nothing boxed, nothing outside. booyaa Spaceball 1 out
  5. As you explain it Spam, then it would be ok for me to, whether in passing or sitting cloaked, to kill the boss's at the gate while someone else set it off. While i wouldnt do that, by your standards it would be ok if it wasnt engaged. As for asking people that are there killing the 55's if they are after the boss or not, noone ask me anything. If a jd cant see a pw at 10k, they may need to rethink the class they are playing. If someone wanted to camp said mob for 10 hours, i wouldnt complain, hell im use to that and longer camps. Our rule "EQ Emu" Insert server name here, is simple, people have a set amount amount of time to engage a camped mob or placeholder before it goes ffa. While i know the 2 game differ, we atleast have strick rules on high camp drops. Maybe the actual issue lays with the terrible drop rate of said turbo device. Lets face it, its NOWHERE near live drop %'s. It should me more like 1 in 4 - 6. DOnt even know if i want to worry about the warder turbo dev, im sure thats locked down. What i cant figure out is this: I havent been playing this in about a year, the players base is real low, you all dont have everything yet? Do people really need the turbo device on every toon they own? I swap 1 between all my warrior toons, its not hard. Just sayin .....
  6.  So im being told by a few different JD's that kill stealing is ok now. Is this true?  Story time>>>   So im boxed up minding my own buisness in cooper, i have 2 little ones i wanted to get a bit xp while i hunt the almighty desash. So i buff up, warp in, and someone is already there, no biggie i go kill the 53's until they leave. about an hour later they left and i move into the 55 camp zone and begin the slaughter, some was mine.... About an hour pass's and no desash, i think hmm did they change the timer? I keep killing.    Next round i see him pop, im engaged with 3 others at the time, so i finish them off quick, turn to engage desash and get past by warping out jd. Well fml. Needless to say this happend 3 more times till i flipped in local. It was there im told, it is ok to KS deasah even if someone is camping the area. Is this true? There was a gate raid going when i was there, should i have just brought my PW's down instead and killed there boss's while they take care of the trash? Maybe do the same for other targets? They all told me it was "Ok" so maybe i will.    So what say the you all? Is it ok to ks someone camping a timed boss, whether is be a level 10 or 60, since if its ok for one, it must be ok for all of them. Maybe it would be better to just run 9 JD's so i could use the excuse, i didnt see you there, which is bogus, and, but these are jd tatics.      
  7. This is inacurate:   Spaceballs The Fleet: Zzexx >>>Next in rank: Ozoneluke <<<   No such person is in the guild Named Ozoneluke,    I am Founder ( Zzexx), President Skroob if you will. :)   There is no Next in line as stated farther up on the list, If/When Zzexx goes inactive the whole guild will be inactive.
  8. Where are all the ex Tal'Shiar , Shai'Hulud, Shoot me a msg and i will reveil my true self, or not ...
  9. Spaceballs The Fleet   Founder Zzexx   That is all .....
  10. *whines* I want one! : ) Looks like you took good care of it
  11. [size=6][color=#ff8c00] If you hate raspberry jam, despise Pizza the hut, and wish to make a throw rug out of Barf, you could be a Spaceball.[/color][/size] [color=#40e0d0][size=6]If you thrive on Liquid Schwartz, cant live without your matching luggage, you could be a Spaceball.[/size][/color] [size=6][color=#00ff00]If you use "Dark Helmet" as logon name and 12345 as your password, you could be a Spaceball.[/color][/size] [size=6][color=#00ff00] [/color][/size][size=6][color=#ffff00]If you hate Yogurt, and refuse to order the space special, you could be a Spaceball.[/color][/size] [size=6][size=7][size=6][color=#ee82ee]If you would do anything for a million spacebucks, yet only toss $5 in your ships tank, you could be a Spaceball.[/color][/size][/size][/size] [size=6][color=#d3d3d3]If your wife reminds you of Megamaid, and goes from ..... well you know, you could be a Spaceball.[/color][/size] [color=#ff0000][size=6]Join Spaceballs the Fleet, We need mOar hmmm, well, ahhh, heh, balls![/size][/color] [size=7][color=#000000]Spaceballs, Because good is dumb![/color][/size] [size=7][color=#000000] Hail Skroob![/color][/size] [size=5]See Zzexx or Nunn for invite. [/size] [size=5]We are not responsible for lost or stolen ships, coffee being too hot, or your radar being jammed. Playing with your dolls is allowed, just dont get caught.....[/size] [color=#40e0d0][size=6] [/size][/color]
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