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  1. tried logging back in after our discussion in jot about spawn at jot1, but as you've guessed by now I just couldn't log back in, after ten attempts I gave up. Hope you and the team can fix this problem whatever it is, until then I'll be patiently waiting or attempting to log in. Thx Jedak

  2. thanks, but no hard feelings toward you guys, I'm truly grateful that this game is back up and running I'm just bummed because I can't play lmao. Just wish I was more tech savvy that I could probably do better with some of my minor issues when it comes to gameplay. thanks again for keeping this game running for the crowd
  3. well dam damm dammm, after dl this little nifty item my game wont work at all as soon as I klik tab to enter the game it shuts down any help would be appreciated pissed and confused lol
  4. I'm getting the same action since the game went offline sometime in the a.m.  since I got up this morning trying to log in all user names and passwords  none seem to work is there glitch since the tweak over the a.m. hours keeps saying my login is incorrect but I know that's not true. please help or is login server bugged?
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