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  1. Since DT access will probably be limited, maybe we should wait until all parties in the rotation have enough people with access before including it in the rotation.
  2. rhobix

    Net 7 Wiki.

    I Agree. A Net-7 Wiki tab next to the Net-7 Portal tab of this site and a Net-7 Wiki link on the Game Info menu in the Net-7 Portal would be my suggestion.
  3. I just set my monitor not to scale/stretch. I prefer the black borders over a distorted image.
  4. Someone (a dev I think) posted the order in which the different animations connected to field clear bonus occurs over time a when it was introduced. I can't find the post now, but it should turn up with a bit more digging. Red comes first (the lowest possible bonus) and gold comes last (highest bonus available) and green and blue are in between if I remember correctly. I don't remember the order of the green and the blue. The fifth I don't know about. I don't think it was mentioned back in the day.   Also, in job fields, all roids are marked permanently. The clear field bonus animations only play every once in a while, and only on one roid at a time. 
  5. I have to aggre with Shadow. Combat Cloak seems to work like before, aside from the adjustment to damage I can't say it feels different enough to suspect a change. The change to damage also seems small. I typically see "ticks" in the 700's from my level 8 plasma beams when out of cloak, and "ticks" in the 1300's when striking from combat cloak. My feeling is that combat cloak damage is about 180% of none cloak damage, or 10% less than double.    When it comes to damage mitigation, I have to disagree with Kyp. All damage can't be calculated at the time a weapon is fired, at least not for damage over time type of damage. Those typically only get one "tick" if you cloak after the weapon has been fired but before the shell hits, so here some kind of check has to be made for each "tick".
  6. While we're at it, I'd like the option to search for items sold by vendors (or not).
  7. Log into the Net-7 portal with your forum account and create a game account under Account, Add Game Account. Use the game account username and password to log into the game. You can create several game accounts per forum account if you want.
  8. I think it would be a worthy goal for the public raiders to gather such raid information on the net-7 wiki for the good of the public effort. I could help when I have leveled up enough to participate, if someone else is up to the task of getting it set up.
  9. You may have to set Internet Explorer to your default browser. I had a different browser at first, and the installer wouldn't detect it and move on to the next step. With Internet Explorer it worked like a charm.
  10. Pretty much anything produced in the last five years should be able to run multiple accounts. The only computers I've had problems with are 8 year old computers with integrated graphics. I could even run multiple accounts back in 2003 in original live. My computer back then was built for gaming, so it had some horsepower, but it was in no way top of the line.
  11. I will just have to adjust my tactics to decloak manually 2 s before firing beams until the next release then. Let's hope my shields can take the 2 extra seconds of cloak downtime.
  12. There has to be some kind of database quiry that can be run periodiacally to capture manufacturable non-trade equipment made by someone other than the owner and remove such equipment or ban exploiters..
  13. Yes, many thanks to Packrat for running this. It was running a bit too long for my taste though. As interest increases, finding Wolfsdottir may speed up. Better collaboration may also speed things up, but I guess you'd have to organize groups on your own and agree on splitting the rewards to get an incentive to work together.
  14. I searched about two thirds of the systems mentioned in the story with no luck. I had to get to bed before anyone found her as far as I know. It would have been fun to know where she was hiding and who found her in the end though...
  15. Just making the items non-tradeable should be enough. Limiting the missions giving the prints to one spec per toon would assure that one toon could only get equipment from one spec.
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