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  1. could you please kick that monkey who put local.net-7.org certificate to https://play.net-7.org/ site and then kick him/her even harder so maybe he/she drops certificate for www.net-7.org as passwords currently are sended in clear text.
  2. how does keeping db content private stops cheaters ? all the db gives is access to game content without actually playing the game (figuring out navs, spawn, npc's etc)
  3. get net2proxy sources, change the global variables to per-connection variables, recompile and run as many clients from one pc as you want ;-)
  4. exactly. to put it in perspective, if devs going to nerf multi-box'ing, then they really are nerfing grouping. game gives all these toys for grouping and so makes it easy to multi-box.macroing.. well, combat assist/heal bot/auto looter/faction grind/autopilot all are here to stay (gl nerfing them ;-) probably even those rumoured dynamic trade run/jobs can be macroed. i dont macro (yet hehe). i'm more interested on the possibility and figuring out how to do it. .. and there is lot of possibilities unfortunately.
  5. seems that wine-1.1.34 is last that allows expired ssl certificates.
  6. update: this is strange.... copied EnB to other computer (ubunty/jaunty/32bit, wine 1.0.1) and it just works (LaunchNet7.exe does not work even with mono installed, but launching proxy directly works). no extra ssl files (strace shows them missing), no turning back time.
  7. if the system date is set back to aug/09 before cert expired and the files are in right place, then no idea whats happening. (you can use strace to see what files ssl is accessing/missing) i use wine from git btw, maybe thats how it works for me
  8. right... drop these two files to /etc/ssl/certs (or /usr/lib/ssl/certs) remove .txt extension .. or search net for these filenames and use those. should work after that 207df74d.0.txt ff783690.0.txt
  9. i too play from linux and opened similar thread https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/381-playnet-7org-ssl-certificate/ try to turn back the clock ;-)
  10. play.net-7.org ssl certificate expired on 08/19/2009 23:59:59 GMT could it be fixed ? it creates a few problems under linux/wine ;-)
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