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  1. [quote name='CheezeBaal' timestamp='1302764476' post='39093'] one thing i don't see are the turn in locations for suits. i seem to remember that from merlins old post. [/quote] Turn in people for the suits are the 3 race leaders.
  2. I am not sure I understand this thread, nor the drugs that may or may not be involved with it. But I can't help but feel like it's a good idea and that I should support it.
  3. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1302596728' post='38880'] here's my fan pictures. [attachment=862:1233530771_AE_CeilingFans_Hero.jpg] [attachment=863:fan_blowers_01.jpg] [/quote] Old and relevant picture is old and relevant. [img]http://www.mopo.ca/uploaded_images/metal-fan-789431.jpg[/img]
  4. [quote name='Laloric' timestamp='1302558772' post='38847'] While I do believe that foul language does not have a place in MMO gaming, atleast on public channels, I do find it curious that it should be brought up by a GM named after an offensive act. [/quote] If a type of spitting is considered an offensive act, I'd like to know when I moved to bizzaro world.
  5. [quote name='mounas' timestamp='1302454693' post='38723'] Perhaps we will some day get to the point where, like in China, we will auction off human organs... [/quote] ......? *Hides the bloody cleaver and the severed Jenquai head behind his back.* Some day? you mean we haven't started yet?
  6. ajsb1986

    B? Please

    [quote name='LPCA' timestamp='1302146964' post='38458'] what else i don't like in EMU? - too easy - buggy - lacking content all 3 are fixable. [/quote] Ironicly enough Byakhee is doing his best to address #1 and how he goes about it is why this thread is here. Personally I like the missions, it's what I spend alot of my time on the Emu working on. The other two issues are under constant effort by the entire staff.
  7. [quote name='Hayabusta' timestamp='1302128879' post='38431'] Well thanks Heaps... ill look into that after i go to the attic and dig out all of my maps spreadsheets and drops sheets i had made in the short lived "live" version... i have tons i was an EnB nerd and if i had tons of time on my hands and could contribute tons id put in a application for joining the team... cheers and i may just take 6 months off work im so happy LOLZ!!!! [/quote] Just remember when you amass your data from Live we would love to see what you have. We have alot of information from Live, but to the best of my knowledge there is alot more we could have that we don't. Who knows. What you saved from Live may be information we need. Better to check and find out.
  8. [quote name='Hayabusta' timestamp='1302127164' post='38420'] Ok mates im true to my word.. gimme a few to get home just departed for Ireland for 2 weeks or so and my cards are at the house.. all i have is the company issues... soon as i get back ill drop some cash to make this even ....[/quote] For the record I was joking, but of course we would all love whatever you wish to donate. In the gaming world, I would say this is one of the best donations possible you could even think of. (Maybe if some money would get me into the SW:TOR Beta, that might be a good expenditure of cash too, but I digress....hehe) [quote name='Hayabusta' timestamp='1302127164' post='38420']on another note.. what are the 3 hidden races or whatever you use the shipbuilder to get??? im a bit confused...[/quote] There are three races, Terran/Progen/Jenquai. And three base classes, Warrior/Trader/Explorer. Originally before the game even launched there was going to be 9 player race/class mixes. Terran Warrior, Terran Explorer, Terran Tradesman, and so on for 3 Progen classes, and so on for three Jenquai classes. This was cut and I am not 100% certain of the reasons personally. Someone here probably knows them, but not me. It was cut down to 6, not 9. The ones left out were the Terran Scout(Explorer), Progen Privateer(Tradesman), and Jenquai Seeker(Tradesman). To play as one of those removed classes go to www.net-7.org, go to the download section and get the character and starship creator. [quote name='Hayabusta' timestamp='1302127164' post='38420'] and lastly anyone have a database link for ALL ingame equipment drops zones mobs bosses elites etc? [/quote] The best tool for this to find what drops what is by googling EnB Arsenal. That site, which I do not think will be up for much longer, is sorta kinda somewhat right. It hasn't been updated in a long time and this is always changing. The staff here at EnB Emu would rather we put together our own database and so they will not share with us the exact live info of what drops what. I believe a user named Bidoc wants to try to get a database together but currently it is in it's infancy.
  9. [quote name='gameboy' timestamp='1302116987' post='38400'] is down for me too. [/quote] Yup, as best as I can tell it is down for everyone.
  10. Offline for me too, as well as the Net-7 Server Notifier. This handy little application may be of use to you.[url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/4461-net-7-server-notifier/"]Use this link here to go to the thread you can get the Notifier at.[/url]
  11. I am not 100% certain because as of yet I am not doing much with Jenquai, but I think the Maeltroms are not in the game. If this quest is working you may just have to go to where the Maelstrom would be. It is far in the north east section of Swooping Eagle. Around or past the Typotl Maw nav. [url="http://www.enbmaps.de/index.php?map=SE"]This map will be of assistance to you.[/url]
  12. [quote name='Hayabusta' timestamp='1302062362' post='38338'] For god sakes ill pay the operating costs myself monthly to get this working !!!.... [/quote] [quote name='Hayabusta' timestamp='1302076077' post='38363'] Woot got it I'm up n running ... [/quote] Hmmmmm. Now about that money....
  13. [quote name='C Del' timestamp='1302048177' post='38318']Ha, true. How does GetCo write? I never had a reason to use anything GetCo, cep'n maybe some travelin' engines.[/quote] GETCo products just normally have 'GETCo: Continuing our 500 year tradition of sustainable development' in their description, plus describing what it does if it has extra effects. Example, Armadillo Plate Lv9 "GETCo: Continuing our 500 year tradition of sustainable development. When activated on a targeted group member this item gives an increase to target's EMP resistance. When equipped this item causes a small decrease to your chemical resistance, but gives an increase to your explosive and energy resistance. While the Sniper has "The Ballistic Sniper currently has "Ballistic Sniper, brought to you by GETCo. Allowing you a very good outlook over your enemies. Powerful Possibilities, Unlimited Opportunities, GETCo." Now while that would match the broadcasted ads, it doesn't match the description listed on other GETCo items. If you think the way it is is fine, I would be ok with that. It is a special item afterall. But if you want to bring it more in line with other GETCo items, I suppose only a small alteration is called for. "GETCo: Continuing our 500 year tradition of sustainable development. We now present to you the Ballistic Sniper Missile Launcher, the last word in long range and powerful weapons. Designed for use specifically by advanced Scouts(Or Explorers if you prefer) in Hyperia." might be a good middle ground?
  14. Actually I thought that is how it was working now. Like if you max Combat exp but get 100 combat exp 50 of it poofs, you get 25 Trade and 25 Explore exp.
  15. [quote name='karu' timestamp='1301503911' post='37837'] L50 missions are for ammo [/quote] Thank you, I was not aware of that. I could have swore it was for a weapon. I must have misread.
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