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  1. Make sure launcher is set to run release/client.exe under EnB install directory and not e&b.exe
  2. Not sure what the InstallShield issue is on your windows install (google give some solutions when searching that error). For EnB, installing is optional (tho recommended as less downloading). This should get you into the game * create folder c:\games\enb\release * create empty file c:\games\enb\release\client.exe * point net7 launcher to c:\games\enb\release\client.exe file
  3. Maybe its comcast spam filter that rejects mails? net7 uses own mail server. First search returned this, maybe it helps. https://www.prrcomputers.com/blog/not-receiving-all-emails-at-comcast-how-to-fi/
  4. You need to set launcher to run as admin aswell if you running e&b config as admin so that game and config read/write to same registry entries. You might also need to set client.exe to run as admin.
  5. I believe you have launcher set to launch e&b.exe and not client.exe (from release directory)
  6. It seems that sunrise cert is expired and automatic renewal did not work.
  7. If you open account/avatar settings, then select game account on dropdown and switch to it, then you can change ingame password for that game account, or request new random password if you have forgot it. I tested and password change did work. There is also ingame command "/changepassword newpassword". Password you changed was probably forum account's and the password warning was right after login to portal probably. I really hope you have 2 forum accounts and you just got confused which one had ingame account linked. Changing forum password does not (well should not) unlink game accounts on portal.
  8. You go to net-7.org login with forum username/password. Open "account/account linking" page and enter your game username/password.
  9. You need to point client to enb client.exe, not net7 launcher.exe
  10. New Windows need .net 2/3 installed to run launcher. Usually it prompts itself, but you can manually add it from control panel 'install windows features' https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/install/dotnet-35-windows-10
  11. What browser and/or privacy firewall/extensions/settings you using regarding cookies and javascript? There might be conflict where javascript request does not have access/set cookies properly. Could you try plain old microsoft edge? or better yet different computer or mobile (ignore popup on mobile) Checking browser console (F12) might also give idea why its failing.
  12. Do the game run on main monitor? Do multiple clients simultaneously run on main monitor? Do client run on left/right/top/bottom side monitor? Those are to question you need to resolve and not reinstall game.
  13. There might be firewall blocking the connection or server does not like that charcter. Try creating new char to see if you can login into that.
  14. I don't do support as I have no way to verify the info. GM may be able to reset ingame account. I have no idea what info you need to provide in those situations. I just push code to portal.
  15. Copy EnB and Net7 directories and you should be ready to go.
  16. INV300/301 are certificate/connection error codes. Unless you on some old system, I have no idea what may cause it.
  17. What you expect me to do? I can fix issues, but I do not do support. As I understood, (only) your game account username(s) and password(s) leaked, and (presumably) also your forum account password leaked.
  18. Thanks for that. Download now shows url it tries to use and small note what to do if download does not start.
  19. I verified all download links, and none of them points to net-7.html page.
  20. There is an option in launcher to reset updates. Also make sure you run launcher as administrator or copy net7/enb installs out of program files directory so you have full access to files as user.
  21. Press F12 and check 'console' tab for errors. Pressing the 'download' on link column, will fetch file location from server and shows download agreement information. Very least, you should see loading spinner over screen (like with any page changes) when you click on that.
  22. Interesting that it shows negative GPU memory. EnB is old 32bit program and might not handle 2+GB GPU memory? My GPU only has 2GB for reference and I have no higher capacity cards to test.
  23. If launcher points to client.exe under c drive, then the install under e is not used and not patched.
  24. Ignore certification validate/update dialog that launcher is showing. I run on win10home/64bit. My game is in copied (not installed) to C:\Games\EnB, Net7 is under C:\Games\Net7. I have no special privileges set to any of the exe's and I run launcher as normal user. Windows user account is in admin group (ie, not limited, not admin)
  25. Checked download link and it should work. http://www.bothouse.com/enb/eandb_demo.exe
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