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  1. Launch net7 launcher (LaunchNet7.exe as administrator/winxp compat mode), Make sure net7proxy.exe has same. Under EnB install directly, release/client.exe should also be admin/winxp compat mode. Do not run anything other than LaunchNet7.exe to start the game. Launcher should add proper registry keys so the signup form will not show. Ensuring all three are running under admin, makes it so launcher and client access same registry entry. Its possible to run without admin, but you need to add registry entries yourself then.
  2. Its either firewall issue or wrong local ip is selected. LaunchNet7.exe, net7proxy.exe, and release.exe needs to be allowed in firewall for your network profile you use (ie, private, public, work)
  3. That was random CL66 non-aggro to prevent shield nova macros in Freya chavez spawn. I dont think it ever did kill a macro user... lot of legit player tho 😉
  4. No it does not.... anymore. Thanks,
  5. From launcher, one of the menu has reset updates. This will force recheck of all files.
  6. The option is still present in the launcher.
  7. If you want to transfer items between your own characters on accounts linked to portal login, then there is account vault.
  8. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/settings/password/
  9. Login to portal requires same user/password as forum. Login to game have different user/password. portal user/password is managed and changed from forum. ingame account is under 'Account/Avatar Settings' where you can select individual ingame accounts and change/reset their password. Password is sent to email configured in forum. Just checked and ingame account password reset request email arrives, and the info in there is correct.
  10. The password warning notice you may get on net7 portal does not mean you account is compromised, but it means you password has been seen on public password leaks (password reuse) and you should not use it anymore. password you use on net7 portal and forum is not the same as ingame account password. portal log shows you are able to log into portal just fine.
  11. Special char in username gives problems. Forum has historically done unholy things for username/password which wiki auth plugin tries to replicate and obviously failing. Your only option is to change forum display name.
  12. Hello, I implemented password check against https://haveibeenpowned.com/ leaked list API. Your password is not sent there, just the first 5 chars from password hash. Portal may show warning about leaked password if you do any action that requires password (login, game account creation, password change, account linking).
  13. You only need ingame account info to transfer ingame account to different forum account. There is no email validation, there is no forum password validation. All the proper logs on portal are there. There is a slight problem tho. Logs show that Von got hold of the ingame account in 5'th (account linking). It was therefore not possible for you to change ingame password from portal. I believe there is ingame command to change currently logged account password tho. Please don't share passwords. Just don't.
  14. If the ingame account was linked to forum account which password was shared, then ingame account password is not required to move a character. Its also possible to request new ingame account password to said forum account email.
  15. Extra classes should be available ingame character creation screen. Just use left/right navigation to move between classes instead the class selection buttons.
  16. karu

    My bad

    reroll? they seem to be low level. There is no way to 'unlock' the transfered char from no-move state (I'd have to delete the log entry and I will not do that)
  17. first time running VPS on the internet? Welcome!
  18. Apparently my understanding of guild decals was a bit off. /setdecal does not activate decal for all guild ships, but individual ship? Also looked up /setdecal server code. It does not check decal_file, but guild_logo field (which for nexus was 0). I thought guild_logo was a on/off bool value. Checked decal admin script on web and it should of set that field to 208 as it did for decal_textures.ini (I updated the db manually) I'm still checking how it guild_logo got reset to 0 (decal admin log shows it was set correctly). It should work now Thundirr
  19. Thundirr must run /setdecal to activate decal for guild.
  20. Stop uploading same image over and over again. It does not help
  21. DB should be fine (web code has not changed either), //rguilds and //rdecals both executed ingame aswell (one of those is needed I believe) Actual decal file does not matter currently. /setdecal command is the issue
  22. Time to submit bug against server as I think I've done everything I can
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