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  1. Thanks for that. Download now shows url it tries to use and small note what to do if download does not start.
  2. I verified all download links, and none of them points to net-7.html page.
  3. There is an option in launcher to reset updates. Also make sure you run launcher as administrator or copy net7/enb installs out of program files directory so you have full access to files as user.
  4. Press F12 and check 'console' tab for errors. Pressing the 'download' on link column, will fetch file location from server and shows download agreement information. Very least, you should see loading spinner over screen (like with any page changes) when you click on that.
  5. Interesting that it shows negative GPU memory. EnB is old 32bit program and might not handle 2+GB GPU memory? My GPU only has 2GB for reference and I have no higher capacity cards to test.
  6. If launcher points to client.exe under c drive, then the install under e is not used and not patched.
  7. Ignore certification validate/update dialog that launcher is showing. I run on win10home/64bit. My game is in copied (not installed) to C:\Games\EnB, Net7 is under C:\Games\Net7. I have no special privileges set to any of the exe's and I run launcher as normal user. Windows user account is in admin group (ie, not limited, not admin)
  8. Checked download link and it should work. http://www.bothouse.com/enb/eandb_demo.exe
  9. The url I gave you is the url launcher tries to patch itself. Some updates obviously are working for you, but you need to figure out why downloading LaunchNet7.exe fails in your computer. Disabling antivirus/firewall temporarily for test, checking 'Network error' message if it gives reason for error. Both of these links work on Win10/edge https://patch.net-7.org/Net7/Files/bin/LaunchNet7.cfg https://patch.net-7.org/Net7/Files/bin/LaunchNet7.exe
  10. check c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file for any net-7.org entries. delete them from there. you do need to edit it with notepad which is launched as admin. It is executable, so your antivirus might block the download aswell. if you cannot download from that url (http or https), then you out of luck.
  11. Try replacing launcher exe http://patch.net-7.org/Net7/Files/bin/LaunchNet7.exe
  12. go to %localappdata% (win+r then type and press ok) and delete LaunchNet7 directory (that has user config that gives the '5 not valid for index' error. "This app can't run on this PC" might be because incompatible .net runtime. press win+r and type optionalfeatures and press ok .net 3.5 is required I think, but you should have that already for v1.9 launcher). It might also be net7proxy.exe. To figure out which exactly, run both of them from net7 directory and see which one gives that error.
  13. Go to net7 directory, right click on LaunchNet7.exe and net7proxy.exe and set to 'run as admin'. Click LaunchNet7.exe right there, then under menu select 'Reset Version' (or something like that) which should recheck files. Hopefully that gets it patched. You could also try copying net7 and enb directories out of program files (ie to c:\Games) and uninstall both net7/enb packages. Then run LaunchNet7 from new place and set client.exe to new place.
  14. Keep game account password character/numbers only. No special symbols. It would also be nice to include error message you getting when trying to login.
  15. You need to create game account in www.net-7.org to login into game. Forum login (used for forum/portal/wiki) does not work for game.
  16. Make sure to keep password as lowercase alpha-numeric (ascii) only. web portal does not care, game might.
  17. If game does not use selected resolution, then you need to make sure that e&bconfig is set to run as same user as game/launcher, ie 'run as administrator' if you run game as admin. If e&b config fails to run at all, then I have no idea about that one.
  18. Bug tracker breaks on forum updates (template issues I believe). I believe someone was working on it, but well... real life.
  19. win10 is fine. You can reset individual game account password in net-7.org as long as its linked to your forum/portal account
  20. I don't remember if portal enforces password rules, but if you password has special chars it might be worth checking with easier password. Keep it english a-z alphabet
  21. Make sure launcher is pointer to client.exe and not e&b.exe. Set LaunchNet7.exe, net7proxy.exe, and client.exe to "run as administrator" or "windows xp compatibility mode". (not strictly needed, but all three must have same setting) Launcher should set proper registry keys so game does not ask for registration (if launcher/game run as admin) Even if game asks registration, pressing "cancel" will let you into the game. You need to create game account in net-7.org portal. Login into portal uses forum user/pass. Game account is not the same as forum account.
  22. Yeah, it seems to be correct for windows firewall not to ask for launcher/proxy/client and it also does not seem to be required for there be any whitelisting. If you have other antivirus/firewall or internet security product, make sure that is not begin more aggressive on blocking. If there is some wird config issue, then to completely reset launcher settings, delete AppData\Local\LaunchNet7 directory.
  23. Check window firewall for private/public rules and remove all related to net7/client. Firewall will then ask again to allow/deny the program
  24. There should be Net7-Filelist.txt and Net7-Version.txt in net-7 install directory. Delete them to force update. As you (probably) have net7/client installed in ProgramFiles directory, you need to run launcher as admin or it does not have rights to change files there.
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