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  1. Hello! Quick questions! Is the password shared between your game accounts, net7, wiki and the forum? What is the password length limit? What characters can we use for them? I wanted to increase security on the password but I forgot that... Thanks!
  2. Welcome to the club =) I don't use anything else other than Linux and Android in my day and work life for some years now. For the games though, i still keep a windows 7 installation whenever i miss them and want to play a bit.
  3. I speak from experience, When you are alone in a sector / late hours / want to do a mission but you are alone or don't have a certain class player, multiboxing is very efficient.
  4. hey Mr Superbuilder,
    the game isn't the same without you and Sam Chase and (who was the third Uber ?)
    hope to see you back
  5. [quote name='Jarod' timestamp='1302219741' post='38548'] Well, when you said that JE's could use it I kinda figured, you know, that you knew what you were talking about? [/quote] my whole day and night time isn't meant for EnB only. i have work, other projects, etc. and lately i haven't had any free time at all. that's why it reads Inactive on the left. i have 3 terrans and that's where i put the time i have available to play on EnB, not on creating and maintaining more noob characters. i assumed it was in-game because i've seen somewhere people talking about it.
  6. [quote name='Jarod' timestamp='1302201480' post='38508'] Compulsory Contemplation is in game now? [/quote] idk
  7. TS is very fun to play with. both characters are fragile. TS can Hull Patch (repair hull). JE can't, but can use the leech skill and compulsory contemplation skill.
  8. lpalgarvio

    B? Please

    how about some constructive ideas, and less arguing? i'm pretty sure a compromise in any topic is possible. people just have to have patience and be open to ideas, instead of being close minded. personally, i liked LIVE a lot, but i don't dislike EMU. there was things in LIVE i did not like, and there's some things in EMU i don't like. but that doesn't mean i hate it, either or them, or that things can't be improved. for instance, i came to like the round-robin looting system in EMU. it's better than all-up-for-grabs present in LIVE. for that matter, what would i change? - fix the bugs while looting in a group. - add a slash command for group leader to disable round-robin for certain scenarios. see, this is a compromise. i accepted both ideologies and "designed" a way to implement both, with one being the default (the most sane). what else i don't like in EMU? - too easy - buggy - lacking content all 3 are fixable.
  9. add these ones? [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/4613-some-old-forum-backup/"]https://forum.enb-emu...d-forum-backup/[/url] [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/4539-character-builder/"]https://forum.enb-emu...racter-builder/[/url] [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/4323-enb-maps-all/"]https://forum.enb-emu...3-enb-maps-all/[/url]
  10. both the Terran Scout and Progen Sentinel are cool to play. the Jenquai Explorer is a bit more boring. if you like speed, both in travel and combat, pick the TS. it's very fun to play with one. make an excellent driver for any group
  11. Code of Conduct:
  12. oh i remember that. was fun =P +1 for navigate skill. perhaps don't make it available to navigate devices?
  13. [quote name='Jarod' timestamp='1301266021' post='37418'] ?? The cut and paste from my own shortcut only has one dash, so not quite clear what you are saying? [/quote] i wasn't saying you misstyped. it's just that many times these options/flags/arguments are passed with double dash (--) (specially in linux) or with slash (/) (specially in windows), and not with a single dash (-)
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