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  1. Yay! I was beginning to worry that I broke it after my extended hiatus from here. It figures it goes down just as I have time to play again. :)
  2. This is why you should never trust doctors...
  3. I do remember having to actually "mine" the Manes Essence from the Manes corpse. This could be a reason why the refining devices aren't working properly. I'm not 100% but fairly sure the JE could also mine the essence as well but couldn't equip the refining devices.   But back on topic I happen to like the SD change. I think Valeriya will be using it more this iteration.
  4. I've noticed this as well with some CL12 Red Dragons in Slayton. Their Psi Shield was never interrupted despite myself and another PW pounding on them. The interruption meter never seems to register any hits.
  5. I don't remember what I did either... I think I just kept clicking things until it worked. :blink:
  6. If we were presenting our real selves here that wouldn't be role playing now would it?   :ph34r:
  7. Don't think I've seen that one. Here's a few I remember:   http://youtu.be/DNVE-wX1_dY   http://youtu.be/bahhHYr5ywY
  8. Love what you've posted so far for your Bios. "Dot" looks like she could be more than a handful. ;)
  9. You mean I can actually use my computer console again? I didn't know there was an option to turn off the ticker tape.
  10. Serena 'Serendipity' Hall J.D. Updated: 22MAR2013 [spoiler]You did remember to ask for a receipt right? InfinitiCorp Employee Name: Serena 'Serendipity' Hall J.D. Employee Number: TT2058-12181 (Terminated by request, separation date: xxxxxx) Employment Status: Terminated Position: Accountant, Accounts Payable Gender: Female Age: 25 Homeland: New Edinburgh, Tau Ceti System Education: Mathematics, Statistics, Terran Law, SolSec Law, Sociology, minor in Economics; Juris Doctor (J.D.) University of New Edinburgh, SolSec Bar License #3124659 Current work sector: Law office at Friendship 7 Station, Glenn System Details: Medical. Suffers from Acute Astigmatism and 20/40 vision requiring the use of corrective lenses. Dr Hall refuses to undergo any form of corrective ophthalmology. Personality. Shrewd and to the point. Dr Hall despises stupidity and people wasting her time. Time is money and to her, everything has a price. Has a dislike for men. "Boys never grow up, their toys just get bigger and more expensive." Label: Feminist. Enjoys the finer things in life. Has gone to voice training to curb her New Edinburgh accent. Career. Employed at InfinityCorp as an Accountant. Once passing the SolSec Bar Exam she left InfinitiCorp to start her own Law Office at Friendship 7. Got the nickname 'Serendipity' after amassing a small fortune by playing the Terran Intergalactic Stock Market. She always seems to be at the right place at the right time. Skillset. Focused primarily on Negotiation at an early point in her career. Has in interest in Support skills and also in multiple areas of manufacture. Still too early in her career to see any firm direction. Corporation/Affiliation. Despite her request for termination, COO DeWynter can't help but to admire Dr Hall's tenacity and her ability to get things done. Corp loyalty. Her loyalty will always go to the highest bidder. Dr Hall will follow agreements or contracts to the letter. She expects debts to be paid in full and on time. Has started to gain influence with the Tongs and has defended in court multiple Red Dragon clients. Notes. --Encrypted-- "She has all the traits that I desire in an employee... Cunning, resourcefulness, wit, intelligence... I do find it very peculiar however that this telepath has been able remove any trace of her psionic abilities from the registry. Does she not know that I know? Such a powerful bit of information to hold over anyone's head of her status. Do not cross me 'Serendipity' or your lady-luck will end." -DeWynter --End Encryption--[/spoiler]
  11. Well that's unfortunate... I just found out that private chat channels aren't persistent. We may have to hold off on this idea until either a guild is formed or another chat solution becomes available.   Keep posting your bios however. It'll be good to know who we can talk in character to should our paths cross.
  12. I'm sure Earth Corps welcomes any and all donations. You may itemize them as charitable contributions on your next year's tax form once all donations have been properly assessed and their fair market value has been determined in writing by a third party at the time of the transaction. You did remember to ask for a receipt right?   -Journeyman Serendipity   :D
  13. To get things started I'll post my characters here: Zyrith Skye Updated: 21MAR2013 [spoiler]-Begin Transmission- Sky's the Limit Name: Zyrith Skye Class: Sabine Versatile Current Rank: Pedagogue Inception Date: (Encrypted: classified Sabura Project, under article SP-Vind) Iteration Tree: (Encrypted: First Generation Hybrid Sabine-Sabura Genome classified Sabura Project, article SP-Vind) Gender: Female (Encrypted: Beta Caste classified Sabura Project, article SP-Vind) Homeland: Porvenir Mons, Endriago Planet Education: Advanced placement in Psychology, Astronomy, Astrology, and Metallurgy(Refining); 3rd Dan Black Belt Progen "Aikido" Equivalent; Distinguished Graduate of Arx Spartoi Reclaimers School; Certified Flight Instructor of Sabine Starships. Assigned Duty: Freelance. Sentinel has taking an interest in exploring the galaxy after being placed under Probation (See Tribunal Case File #47-2365) in Endriago sector. Details: Medical. First stable iteration of genome after period of growth into adulthood (about 20 years equivalent). Subject appears to be in prime physical condition despite only reaching 5'0" in stature. Extremely lithe and athletic with heightened perception and quick reaction time. Mental evaluation shows extreme mood swings possibly due to the Empathy enhancements in the Frontal Cortex: tends to get nervous or frustrated in crowded places. Label: Manic-Depressive. Cybernetic enhancements include: eyes (adjustable low-light, telescopic, and microscopic vision), muscle enhancements (strength, endurance, fine motor control), skeletal enhancements (bone reinforcement). Personality. Extremely curious. Has an innate ability to read people and determine their motives. Seems to mesh well in mixed groups with similar mindsets. Uses her looks and charm to sway others. Label: Social Butterfly. Extremely intelligent and aloof. Has an extreme fear of death (Encrypted: Vinda's note: Perhaps too extreme for final Sabura genome). Mood swings show there could be a flaw in genetic matrix (See Medical), currently under observation. Skill-set. Shows a high aptitude in survival, combat, and piloting skills. Extreme curiosity makes the Sentinel an excellent candidate for exploration. Despite having the genetic ability, the Sentinel has very little desire in crafting. Career. Assigned to Reclamation duty after three counts of assault in the first degree. Her erratic behavior and wild mood swings make her unreliable in any official capacity. If the Sentinel could be controlled somehow she could make an excellent covert agent. Affiliation. Despite lacking a desire of trading and crafting she recently associates herself among a freelance Guild of Traders: Builders Inc.. She seems to enjoy the social banter from those behind the trade channels. Republic Loyalty Degree: Loyal to the Sabine Order and Progen Republic. Is proud to be a Sabine but dislikes authority. Questions all orders. Does not harm innocents. -For Vinda's Eyes Only- -Encrypted with Hex^64 cypher- -Decode Vinda-16 Alpha- Accessing: First iteration of Sabine-Sabura Hybrid Alpha code named 'Naamah' a success after multiple inception and incubation failures. A physically perfect specimen despite her small frame (Note: Unsuitable for Centuriata insertion/infiltration). Re-designated iteration as Sabine and inserted into Arx Spartoi for Sentinel training despite warrior gene programming. The odd mix of genes seem to be conflicting as shown by her manic-depressive state, require further observation of Sentinel to see how she progresses and if it can be treated. Vinda's Note: "I am disappointed that the Sabine-Sabura Hybrid genome turned out to be so mentally unstable. Trying to keep her under observation is difficult as I believe she's beginning to suspect being watched. During her Probation she has escaped Endriago sector multiple times thwarting guards and her observers through subversion and persuasion. If only I can find a way to keeping her under control she can be of some use to me." -End Encryption- -End Transmission-[/spoiler]
  14. (Updated to address Private Channel issues)   Rather than muddy up the Roleplayer's Guild discussion even further I've decided to test the waters and see if there's any desire for a dedicated In-game Roleplayer's Community using a Private Channel. Getting an official chat channel would probably be difficult if not impossible due to the client needing modification and/or there won't be enough interest for the Dev's to put forth the effort in creating it.   Unfortunately I've come to find that Private Channels aren't persistent and are lost between either server reboots and/or people all exit the channel. So until there's an alternative I've decided to then create a loose Roleplayer's Community to help those of us who are looking for people who also are interested in keeping in character.   Why do we need a Roleplayers Community?   Cats. Ever try to stay in character for any length of time in the Public Chat Channels? It becomes an act of frustration where every topic gets derailed into something totally unrelated to the Earth and Beyond universe. Other times you'll run into those who are only interested in "WTB, WTT, LFG, RAID, WTF, BBQ, LOL-ing!!!one!1". Private /tells work up to a point as they only involve two parties. Get a few private conversations going and it becomes a juggling act trying to keep track of each one.   Additionally I feel that due to Real Life™ or having to break ties with another Guild people will shy away from joining an actual Guild dedicated to Roleplay. A Private Chat Channel would be better suited for both parties as it takes little to no effort to be involved and people will not have to sever ties to an existing community. These will have to be temporary but knowing who to contact and ask if they want to join in on a conversation helps immensely.   Great! So how do I join?   This will be a small community of characters (not players) where the characters can experience the game through their own perspective. With that in mind, we want to know about your character. For each character that you wish to be involved post a short biography here using Pakkrat's Blank Pre-Formatted Registration Dossier™ as an example:   [spoiler]<Race/Class Dossier header> e.g. Devout Followers of the Sha'ha'dem Name: <toon's real name> or <toon's handle or designation> Class: e.g. Explorer Gender: male/female obviously Homeland: Planetside or station-born, location and sector Education: e.g. general education, specialist schooling, training, masteries, Doctorates, and merits/honors Assigned duty: Where does the toon generally call home during their career? Details: Medical. e.g. A short synopsis of any physical, emotional, mental details discovered as the toon began their career or while in apprenticeship. Write from the viewpoint of the race or class leader, report-style. Personality. e.g. A short synopsis of significant traits that spiked in the toon's past causing the race/class leader to have the toon apprenticed to that career. List both positive and negative traits that stood out. Social. e.g. How did the race/class leader see the toon's attitude with their peoples, class, current affairs, other races and classes? Keep it short and only detail spiking affinities and antipathies. Skillset. e.g. Short and general. What skills did the budding pilot chose? Group role? Affinity for Builds? Hunter? Trader? Doctor? Wormhole Taxi driver? Future pirate? Warrior for the cause? Career. e.g. Did the toon stay in line with what the race/class mandates or did they branch out into freelance/free agent. Are they true to the worldview of their race/class or did they take the education and skills and strike out on their own in disgust? Can the race/class bring the toon back into their fold? Corporation/Affiliation. e.g. How does the race/class rate the toon in terms of their short- and long-term goals? Loyalty. e.g. Is the toon still loyal to their source race and/or class? Can the toon be won back into the fold or are they a lost cause? Gone native? Gone pirate and never looked back? What is the toon's favored Faction that they seem to be maxing out? Secret Details: Include in this section anything that is secret and not publicly known about the toon. Secrets that only the toon knows or does not know about themselves. Hidden traits only spotted by the race/class leader. Intrigues. (Nothing world-breaking or against canon; keep it believable and attached to the overall metaplot.) e.g. "We know this Scout has Psi blood and their abilities as a Psi have yet to bloom. Watch them carefully. They may have to be sent to registry and off to the mines of Aganju." Tips: Remember that your roleplay toon is special. A cut above the rest. That's why they were chosen to represent their race/class. DeWynter doesn't hire AFK-bots or vault mules. Kethrada doesn't want unthinking and unfeeling devotees. Ariad wants the go-getters. Var doesn't tolerate weakness. Vinda despises stupidity. Give the race/class leader something they can grasp onto and think "I can use this one." Conversely, remember the human element. These are not demigods. They are mortal and can be hurt. They are just as vulnerable to the Delete Button.[/spoiler]   Once we figure out the Chat solution you'll be notified... Soon™   Until then feel free to converse in character to anyone opting into the Community. I know myself or Pakkrat won't turn down an opportunity to Roleplay with someone looking for the same. Also use the Roleplayer's forum here to strike up a conversation, post a report, or even write up some fiction dealing with the EnB Lore.   About the Community   We're in a period of time in the Earth and Beyond universe called the Crystal Age. Granted there are some post-war tensions between the major factions the community at large is at peace. Taking Pakkrat's suggestion of Sol Security in the Crystal Age I'd like to model that as the theme. Registered pilots can converse and meet on common and shared grounds free from the burdens or racial strife their class may impose on them. While racial interactions are encouraged, please keep it respectful... We don't want another Gate War.   Stealing Pakkrat's bandwidth at Net-7 SOL, this is Zyrith Skye... Now how do I turn off the transmi-*static*
  15. Aye... Due to Real Life™ I cannot commit to anything at this time either as I'm sure is the case with a lot of you.   An ingame channel would probably be the best solution as it takes no commitment and you can interact with the community as you see fit.
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