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  1. I started one of these toons not long ago did have some problems finding the lithium as what was stated earlier, but it wasnt too bad. made it to the hacker skill quest hit a hiccup there as well, but a quick chat fixed that up on location of belters on the sector... 2 klicks Isnt no where near far enough... per directions of the quest... got the toon to the lvl 50 Hu.... now here is where something  totally fell apart.  Ran the mission No problem.  When you go into to talk to De Winter she Awards you "500,000 credits In big red and blue flashy letters" stating that "this should handle any Inconvience to you".   Well she Lies   Like a rug... I didnt bother to check my account at the time I seen the text and thought "Wow that was nice" and went out and got my hull upgrade, upon returing from the hull upgrade  I docked and as normal checked the stats of the ship and checked my account, well the hull upgrade worked great, but the credits of course wern't there. I figured they probably got stuck to dewinters fingers since I know that toon with my TT Alt and went about my business, I noticed i was a bit lacking on combat expirence and found some cl 13 "space Junkies" to play with... First off at times it seems that Some one is Adjusting the spawn rates and agro of the server durring selected times of the day, because I have dealt with these exact spawns in the past and had little problem Kiting them at all, but this time I would reverse thrust, and they had little or no problem keeping up, After all was Said and done the repair bill for my engine alone was 250,000 credits, for a lvl 3 engine... come on I think you need to Install a celing on those repair cost there. I spoke with a (Gm) that was on line... his reply was "You must be Doing Something Wrong"... And left it at that... As to what I think at present I will Keep my Mouth Shut for the Time Being, but if I am "Doing something Wrong" Please enlighten me As to what that could possibly be...
  2. AT present im doing the missile suply run for one of these series, they asked for 2500 x3 plasma missiles.  if you purchase them "over the counter" it is about 500,000 credits to purchase that ammount of missiles, they are class 7 missiles so most cant run out and build them, im thinking it probably isnt worth the effort my self.  In live i remember running a mission similar to this one and i just built them no muss no fuss, but i highly doubt  they were a missile over a lvl 2 or maybe lvl 3.
  3. Cant blame me I just got back from buying Groceries... been gone for the last??? 7 hrs or so....but finally get home and now all bummed out, just built one of the new classes and cant check it out.
  4. I have heard in game that this has been updated and you dont need the character creator any more... Is this true?
  5. went out there again, last time i warped and had to fly over the top of the wrecked ship before i got the skill, this time i powered down right as i came out of warp, and the mission continued, either it was lag or something in the positioning of the ship that caused the problem ??? but it is working now thanks again.
  6. ok will try that , I went out to the ship, got the messiage and the skill to powerdown,used the skill and nothing ... I have to assume that the ship was targeted, when i used the skill, i wouldnt have had a reason to change the target... once powered down i do remember looking for the rd mobs on the scanner though...perhaps that is what caused it?... thanks again for the help.
  7. Just tried to talk to Minda.... she asked me if i dared to disturb a Warrior then told me to get out of her way...
  8. Thanks , Stanig   I will try what you suggest.
  9. Was running the powerdown mission for the ps, went out to the hulk, acquired the skill and used it when instructed, sat there for 20 min, quest didnt proceed, no rd's showed, went back to base, tovar wouldnt talk... Quest seemed stuck on powerdown and wait.... So i figured that i actually got what i came for and tried to drop the quest, and that didnt work. Is this a bug or is there some trick I dont know about? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. yep it is up and running. it is strainge . I remember being able to go into luna sector as a tt when the game was live, I also remember when i couldnt... but there was a awesom missile rack that you looted off of drones in that sector. It gave a budding tt a bit of a boost, with only the one missile rack you needed all the help you could get...  But yeah got in and running, It is amazing...also amazing how much you forget in 10 years also, starting on my building a bit, I seem to recall some different missions as well, but i think I started alot of my tt characters with the te missions as well, I remember being able to kill the rd informer for the befriend skill and keep the cash, didnt see the option last night ...but of course back then you had to chase him down to find him he kinda moved a bit and didnt just sit there waiting as well. but yes I like what you guys have done to rebirth the game . Great job.
  11. this comp for some reason has allways hung up on installing sp1, I can down load it off the site, it just wont install it without having microsoft go into the comp and delete certain files that they arent too eager to share what they do... it takes every up date to the comp and installs it up until sp1, then it stops and wont down load any more updates, once sp1 gets installed the rest go in perfectly... and I know this comp is clean now, fresh format and reinstall, i would be more worried about the person using Avg 2012 that earlier said they didnt have a problem... no fresh updates for a year? I wonder how their comp runs?
  12. stock factory settings on this comp comes with norton installed... first thing i do is delete it, but now it seems that Avg is taking notes from norton. i had to disable it until reset to get it to roll back . but *Yeah* i got the program to work now the whole problem is from Avg doing wierd stuff, oh and someone must have flagged this site to Avg, that is why they are so adamate about tearing it down, After going to windows and letting them check every file on this system for 3 hours and they couldnt find a thing. it had me wondering. I never put anything on this comp that could cause me too many problems as for personal data any way, and i set explorer to delete temp files when closed, just yesterday when i went to Microsoft and they wanted $99 to install sp1 it kinda pissed me off I can replace this comp for not to much more than that . and a new one is only $400 or so. Ubantu is looking better and better. but the tech's picture on the screen was adorable and she was so nice. I couldnt be too mean to her. but you should see my notes when i get the " We are currently researching this problem" statement then the Question "Did this help?"
  13. First off i want to apologize, for being such a nuissance to you guys. perhaps this thread will help someone else later on. But i found out something AVG wont let me do a rollback on my files with it active... i looked up the problem, they said it was a norton problem, so  I shut down the net and shut off Avg and it finally worked, now the system is pristine again :)   do i dare try to run the game without a virus protection running? just to test it out? Im thinking that is pretty gutsy my self. oh, and could some one log out my character im sure it has been floating for about a week now... :) . I think Im getting close to figuring it out though.  As for the ask before removing In AVG .... I dont see it... and when I typed in the exceptions for E&B and net 7 It still flagged the exe... Now i have a new execption.
  14. ok on a total fresh install of windows and with the exceptions added, it flagged it again and deleted everything , I went into the virus vault and replaced the file to no avail, the game did start but it was flagged the second the game started, it ran long enough for me to try to choose my just started character, and locked down it wanted a reset before it continued not sure what it downloaded or changed in that reset searched my comp for e&b after uninstall and net-7 files found a few left after the uninstall seemed to have problems deleting the shortcuts and the wouldnt display security settings on them it just told me the file was moved??? this is definately a problem with Avg 2013 when i refreshed the desktop the shortcuts vanished, thinking it changed something in my files now...
  15. oh as for the exclusion, the first time it fired off I instructed it to ignore it and it still deleted all the files the 5 day demo and the launcher, it was telling me it was an illegal program when i tried to start it again... then it said that it had been moved and no longer viable. Avg must be based in california they are allways crying about copyright problems, cant see how a 10 year old game that EA killed would fit into that catagory, but then i dug out my original disk then the net 7 wouldnt update and the rest of the problems started as stated earlier, starting to wonder if Avg is installing them to "questionable" programs.
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