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  1. Thanks for the info guys, really helpful,!
  2. Guys, Thank you a lot, I really have been blown away by the comunity. So friendly and helpful vs other morpgs. No doubt as its run by the community rather than a company. Thanks again! W01fy
  3. Hi Zackman, Thanks for the quick response back, I really appreciate it Not trying to tell fairytales here.I should have been more descriptive sorry. B When I said froze I did not mean crash to desktop or need to kill me off. It was a couple of seconds. I dragged the device over, the client slowed down a lot, I missed then it slot and the pop-up for destroy came up, the game then froze for a couple of seconds. then came back to life and the popup disappeared. I am perplexed as to how it confirmed. If I make a mistake I put my hand up, but genuinely not sure what happened and thought it was a client glitch. I would appreciate any help, I appreciate everyone is volunteers Thanks w01fy
  4. hi guys, Can you help at all? My client froze as I was dragging a device Steingards Embrace over the slots, and a message popped up about it being destroyed and then disappeared... and the device went. no extra clicks , just poof As you can imagine as its not something I can just easily go and just get again, get someone manufacture etc I wondered if you could help, happened just now 5:42 AM ish local UK time. Please help Thanks w01fy EDIT - This is new to me, so also seen the ticket on N7 so will raise it there
  5. Hi all, Looking for some 105 jobs, explore and trade. I'm looking for a good job for each I can repeat to level. To help I have a low level JE I created for workhome that has the wormholes up Asteroid Belt Beta (So no Carpenter or Endigo) All the info I can find seems to be for live referencing Net7 and other places. I've spent a few hours and the info seems completely wrong. I'm still doing 75 jobs from VT for trade, to collect diplomants from Xipec Topec, you then go to Net 7 for drop off. Can anyone help me with better jobs for 105? Thanks w01fy
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