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  1. I was right outside the shipyard. I warped there from the Endriago gate, finished the quest, and made the mistake of letting my attention slip for a few seconds. I didn't catch which level V'rix it was that killed me.
  2. I got my level 10 hull upgrade (as a PS), only dying once. That was right after I got the upgrade, where I was one-shot by a V'rix patrol.
  3. I have a lot of nostalgia for E&B, but I never really got into the emulator. I came up with an interesting idea for a character, but I'm wondering: is there any kind of RP scene here in E&B still? I'd just like to know before I decide whether or not to reinstall the game. Thanks!
  4. The rapidshare link is giving me a 404 error. Just thought I'd let you know. EDIT: I got the demo link from NET7 to work. Sorry for the thread necromancy.
  5. I played E&B back when EA ran the game, and I had a lot of fun on my low-level Defender. However, I'd like to play something else on the emulator. I'd like to go with a ranged-DPS kind of character, but I don't know what class that would be. Which class should I roll?
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