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  1. ok .. crappy loss of quality .jpg I was going to send it in .bmp and saw an obvious loss of quality but here you go anyway. ps sorry but I had to note the tail with the purple edged light discs and the curved light just between the wings. the disc effect could be seen from the back it followed you as you changed directions I remember very vividly. oh and they rotated slowly . "the blur that is there rotates slowly if you look carefully.. like we have on ten'shao's now. also I remember the Ken'shao's had a much longer horizontal pins of light coming out the sides. perhaps I can get away with a second screenshot sometime showing that. also it shows the 1000 thrust I managed to reach with just a lvl 8 white dwarf reactor! I forget which engine but I did tend to use the lvl 7 solar sail engine.
  2. wow one reaction after 6 hours sleep geez does anyone ever come out of enb to read the forums? Oh well..
  3. cant' stand to wait .. need reactions and instrucitons where to put the .bmp versions these got really blurry turning them(a copy of them) into .jpeg another teaser til helped
  4. sick of not turning any heads here goes their slightly blurred jpeg artifact filled jpg versions.. have bmp on my hd many many more examples I just wanted to get some notice been over a week wtih these sitting on my hard drive and I wan't something to finally happen. thx!
  5. ok here goes I have screenshots of a weapons inspector, terran psis, several different v'rix and their silly text and well examples of what a high lvl JD's thrusters SHOULD look like etcetc oh and also Azazel ..... let me know what to do I have Skype as my most trusted file sending program
  6. ps and I'll see if I can reconnect my old hard drive.. its not dead just getting old according to a tool.. it most likely has my chat logs as they said to get when I talked in game as Aren on my JS about a week ago.

  7. really sorry to pester you you probably have many people bugging you I was just thinking about the screenshots on my desktop from live and about 29mb's worth not random ones either some of aganju talking to npc's weapons inspector and that progen dude kahn and MANY v'rix shots and text several different "breeds" of v'rix like helkos, azazel, some other kinds too and terran psis

  8. ah ok thx it seems to be working fine now
  9. I went to start enb then this big message about installing a certificate popped up so I pressed ok now it won't accept my password saying your login information wasn't accepted O_o
  10. looks like someone got sick of all the lag whiners and pulled the plug lol THANKS :)just don't forget to put it back in ^_ ^(wasn't one of the whiners)!
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