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  1. I wish people would ellaborate more I don't know what the UAC is
  2. Thanks! EDIT: IT WORKED! I've been trying for about a week to much resistance to get into this game but now I managed it by resetting the updates. It is an annoying chore which I hope they fix soon but at least I can get in the game now WOO!
  3. I just can't get it to work I got further than this screen yeterday but now this is the new problem that is constantly persisting
  4. I get that all the time when I'm playing this. No idea what it means but I press continue and get on with my life
  5. Well I'm using Windows Vista but I will give this ago anyway thanks! EDIT: Didn't work. I have tried it at least 20 times now and the problem still persists
  6. Well it has happened 3 times now but well I suppose 4th time is the charm I've tried it 4 more times and it still hasn't worked. I managed to get past this screen yesterday but it only started doing this today after the new update
  7. Whenever I load EnB and arrive at the log in screen I type in my username and password. But then when i press accept then the game just instantly shuts down and leaves me with that black box with all the lines of stuff like "EnB initalised succesfully". Help please EDIT: Oh and on the Net7 launcher instead of saying "ONLINE" it is saying "ONLINE-136" strangely
  8. Thanks, thought it was just me being punished by some devine force or something
  9. After some other people assured me of that links worth, IT WORKED! I'm in Earth and Beyond YES! Thank you I owe you one EDIT: now I have a different problem that the OP had. I got it to load after downloading that link in the quote. I log-in create my character and ship, but then I get stuck on that map loading screen not being able to get off of it and it never ends
  10. Yep I have this same problem. I'll try some of the solutions posted here
  11. Excited newcomer to Earth and Beyond

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