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  2. VonCorp Galactic Empire and Damage Inc. will be Merging this week... This merge will benefit all.. Damage Inc. is just like VGE has always been, have fun, help others.. For a guild invite to Damage Inc. see me or any Damage inc. guildie... any questions PM here or in game...
  3. not sure the server devs is working on it at this time he will tell us when its back Woodstock HGM
  4. Any idea as to when it will be back up?
  5. Yesterday
  6. I will NOT tolerate statements of this type in the future!! Please do refrain from INSULTING me. Thank you
  7. I find it very annoying that you lose your target when it gets killed (this only happens when grouped). Especially when raiding and you are the designated looter... sometimes it can get really laggy, and having to reselect the corpse in order to loot it can be quite hard to do, particularly when you are in formation and the leader is moving around to aim at the next mob. Can we have the game retain focus when the mob dies, in the same way as when we are not grouped?
  8. I tried to launch the PTR version. The window goes away and nothing ever comes up. I followed the instructions completely.
  9. Alright cool. Now once, I could get my password for the ingame accounts I'll be set.
  10. I take the message. I consider TO QUIT! >:(
  11. I unsubscribed from this thread now. As i already said, this is no discussion thread. I came back today and found pages of some made-up-fantasies about server attacks.
  12. There is no DDOS attack. As long as there is no official statement about such actions, you shouldn't make up anything and "sell it as fact". Just because some1 is constantly trying to connect with an old proxy client is not matching the term DDOS.
  13. We have a server status thread already, no need to open another one.
  14. https://www.cloudflare.com/ddos/ Seems affordable. Again, if the source is only 1 IP address, it needs to be possible to have the hosting company block that address. But before we move here, how certain is it that we're met with a DDoS? I would like to get involved here to see if there is something I can do to help. I'm a professional in the infrastructure area, and more than willing to lend a helping hand.
  15. So, why can't we? Surely there is a caller Id / IP somewhere in the logs. Add it to the firewall to drop the packets?
  16. Just making sure you guys know, the login server is down. Looks like the proxy bot is at it again. Wish we could IP block it.
  17. Last week
  18. Hi Rita;
    I'm a TT lv 62  (I'll explain) on the lv 30 upgrade. 
    I was in invertness with a JE grouped. I saw Roland Homes and and about to talk with him when the JE opened fire on him and killed Homes. JE said that homes fired first. Domb, I told him that homes was my mission. I told him I was not to kill him. 

    Now Homes takes my lenses and don't want to talk to me , tells me go away. Message pops up and says that Homes is involved with another player and to come back later. I did, but every time I go back , days and a whole week later, the same thing he takes my lenses and tells me to go away. Message pops up.

    If I forfeit the mission can I do the mission again or is this a one time deal.
    I'm now lv 62 and had my lv 60 upgrade and it went fine but I think my lv 30 incomplete upgrade has left me with a missed ship slot ( i think) that the lv 30 mission upgrade may have offered.
    Input please
    Joe the JE

    1. Riia



      I can not help you. I do not have access to the Gm tools. You have to speak to a GM. I believe Woodstock would be more than happy to help you.



    2. jmontaperto135@gmail.com


      okay Rita.I'll do that,  thanks for the reply

  19. your just in time 😎
  20. Zackman's post suggests a DDoS attack with an old proxy "hammering" the server. The net-7 website is up, so the underlying IP address is good and the hired server farm is working. I don't understand how to defeat a DDoS attack myself and suspect it requires adding specialized code to the host server's gateway [that code would discard all messages from the offending IP address(es) without reply]
  21. What are we looking at here? Is this a fabric /hosting platform issue, or a DDoS? Something we can do to help resolve?
  22. Hello there, I don't know if this has been done already, but I think the Admins, Devs and Staff deserve a EnB Holiday to honor them for ALL their continued hard work. They work and give it a great deal to all their free time for us to be able to play this game and have been doing this literally since the time when EA Closed the official game. And so, they need a BIG Thank you not just on this Holiday but every single day they are working or just taking a day or two off from this great undertaking of a project. I don't know when that date should happen for the Holiday, but it will be a unique date. Perhaps when there was a video with a title long, long ago saying; "Gentlemen we now have a ship." or something like such. Well, tell me what you would think. Admins, Devs, and staff, you are very entitled to telling me what you think about this too.
  23. Hopefully there's more than one person who can restart the server. 🙏
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