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Donation Goal - Help us out!


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Hi all,


Owing to the finalization of the tax exemption and the fact that we had to file this year, expenses went up on the short term, as previous expectation was that we would not have to file anything more than the IRS e-Postcard. I do not believe our donation would be tax-exempt, so you may want to check with your tax professionals in that regard but it may be a possibility. We are classified I believe as a Social Club/Organization for the preservation of E&B.


That being said:

Current Paypal balance: $72.17


Deficit in emergency bank account causing monthly service charges: $212

Cost of Tax Preparation: $375.00

Monthly Server cost: $360.00 (3 servers, sunrise, dev, web host)


I am placing a goal of $1285.00 to create a buffer and to take care of all costs. The Board and I will be having a finance meeting in regard to how to control costs more efficiently in the near future, if anyone knows a cheaper (and better!) host, please inform me of this, I would appreciate it. We have 1&1, and it is low-cost, but I've heard many tell me of laggy hours which seem to occur at a specific point in the evening. What information has been sent to me has been sent to them but they fail to see a problem within their networks.


I know of many considered better, but they are much more expensive. Also this host must be United States based to help keep the taxes very simple.


Now all the dark & dreary out of the way..


Valentine's event coming soon, along with the first round of story content behind it. There's going to be a little more to do, but I would encourage you all to start new characters as we're going to also be sweeping through the sectors as we go and figuring out what we need to do better. Each class will see a little love this way which may include some new items depending on need, but definitely more to do to earn experience and keep it engaging. We would like it if everyone could experience anew with us and tell us what they think as we go. 


The schedule I think we're going to look at is as follows: 


Valentine's content

Initial Story Act I Chapter 1 - The Search for the Shard

Each of the classes lowest level starting areas, and we're going to work our way up

Next Story step. 

I think you probably get the idea, but expect more soon :)

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Thanks for the update Kyp. I know everyone will appreciate this information.

I'm sure everyone will chip in what they can to keep the servers going.

And thanks to all the developers and gm's for all you do.

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After having been out of the EnB community for such a long time, realizing this emulator existed youll have MY full support and future donations to keep this running as long as it can! Soon ill be a 150 JE again and cant wait for the storylines we always hoped to see.
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Also this host must be United States based to help keep the taxes very simple.



You sure?

I mean...sure? In terms of "i am sure about this"? 

Like some1 would say "I am sure"?


So...think....are you sure?


I mean...just to make sure (cuz outside US is way cheaper)....


So, the question is...."ARE YOU SURE" ?  :lol:

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The hardware is nowhere near pushed to it's limit. The servers themselves aren't too heavily stressed. Oft times the quality issues are related to network latency either in (or in attached ISPs) to 1&1s network as near as we've been able to determine. Nothing clearly identified that we can fix.


As for the limit, it's currently hard coded to accept a max of 500 players, but we haven't had a need to go beyond that yet.

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