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Well, I think I'm screwed with Agrippa, help...

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I let my brother play around with my Privateer, and he decided to do me a "favor" by doing my lv 135 HU on my PP. Of course, I was in the middle of doing Agrippa. Does this mean I'm now locked out?

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You might be able to buy your way in, but......... most likely not.  You can do as I have done for a long long long time enjoy the game, and wait for the "backdoor" to be opened.



Don't forget to thank your brother... he saved you a lot of aggravation



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You can always make a help ticket...  BlackLung can tell ya if you are screwed or not <_<


EDIT: It depends, I think, on exactly where "in the middle" you are.  If you have completed all of Stage I, you may be ok, if not, I believe you are unfixable, atm


I could be wrong, I haven't been in your spot before... :huh:

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You will not be locked out if you have started all the Agrippa content you wanted to do.


The mission checks when obtaining Agrippa, just do not forfeit any Agrippa you have started with Tokens - and you should still be able to complete them

- of course this does mean if you decide to hold onto unlocked Agrippa missions and then advance beyond, you do so at your own risk in case of system crashes or accidentally forfeiting a mission!


Bonus missions are not level dependent

Stage II is not level dependent (other than a max build level and able to equip stuff made)

Stage III is not level dependent (only need to have done Stage I and II )

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