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Who To Turn Your Half-Eaten Space Suits In To.


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[indent=1]Hello to all, I have been asking the same question in game for the last two years...Who are all the NPC you turn then in to...Well I have the answer after working on this four 4 hours yesterday. I hope this will help you all. I tested each one.


[indent=1]Sha'ha'den - Paren Station - Fujiko Oniya[/indent]

[indent=1]Shinwa - Prasad Station - Shou Shen[/indent]

[indent=1]Sharim - Jove's Fury - Master Sevti[/indent]


[indent=1]EarthCorps - Jegerstadt Station - Herrea[/indent]

[indent=1]InfinitiCorp - Somerled Station - DeWinter[/indent]

[indent=1]Hyperia - Margesi Station - Navarre[/indent]


[indent=1]Centuriata - Markus Kahn - Arx Tiberius[/indent]

[indent=1]Collegia - Zieg - Arx Magister[/indent]

[indent=1]Sabine - Vinda - Pourvenir Mons[/indent]
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