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Upgrading Devices Question


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Depends on the device. Some will require a component to upgrade to the next level, some will be fresh builds. This also applies to lines of other types of equipment. For devices a L3 device will usually upgrade to L4 with an additional component, but L5 may require a fresh build. Fresh builds at L7 and L9 are also commonplace for devices that run from L3 to L9.
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[quote name='Castagere' timestamp='1334865921' post='56915']
Ok all my devices require a component and the device itself so that will work?

Depends on the device and it's level. Take a look in the DB at the devices you have, and see if they're a component in a higher level version of that device, if so, then they need the device and a comp to upgrade, if they're not, then the next level of device likely has to be built from scratch (a fresh build).
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Ok these are my devices and what they need to upgrade(# are lvls)
corona B. 3
electro d4 superinducer 4
rada 3
electro d4 superinducer 4
and this one confuses me
coma 3
electro force 10k 2
the last one needs a lvl 2 component to upgrade or is that a database typo?
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