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edit: ignore this, Shaddex was apparently fixing it (or something related to it) as I was writing this  :D


Hrm I'm having a similar problem.


When I attempt to log into net-7.org it will just sit there on the login dialogue box and not proceeding (using a bogus login will give me the "invalid account info" error though, so something is working).


This started happening today for me, everything was working fine yesterday and I haven't touched any browser or filewall settings for months.


Using chrome and IE to test, same result on both.


I'll check java and javascript but it's been enabled since forever.. not using a software firewall.

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Thanks guys  I cleared my Java Cache and made sure that Java was working proper and it solved the issue. When You don't know where the problem is it is really hard to fix it. once you told me it was local and something to do with the Java. The problem got quickly resolved. Thanks again.


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