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  1. A lot of people underestimate the Sentinel in combat. Sure, it only has 4 guns to the PW's six, lacks HDC, and doesn't get Shield Sap, but they're still extremely formidable for an exploration class. So formidable, in fact, that they're the only class in the game that can kite mobs without running [i]away[/i]. The main reason for this is [b]Menace[/b]. Menace is an [i]incredible[/i] skill to use on any opponent that is not outright immune to it. When used, it near-completely disables an enemy, leaving them able to do nothing but turn and run as fast as their impulse engines can take them. It works equally well on both organic and mechanical foes, stops enemies from shooting or using skills, and conveniently forces them to present their backside to you, allowing you to do whatever you want to them until it wears off. At higher levels, you can send several enemies fleeing in mortal terror at once. Combined with [b]Gravity Link[/b], Menace allows you to follow an enemy at your leisure, blasting away without fear of retaliation. Rather than being forced to hang back at maximum range and reverse-impulse, or equip missiles and burn at full-impulse away from a mob like a Terran, you can control both the distance, speed, and direction of the encounter from start to finish. You often will finish one-on-one fights totally unscathed, and with high Menace, you can even come out of multi-mob fights intact. What often surprises people is that, unlike all other Explorers, you have access to [b]Critical Targetting[/b], due to being Progen. As a result, even though the Terran Scout might also have four weapon slots, you can outpace his combat damage due to crits, and you blow every non-Warrior class except the Privateer out of the water in terms of damage output (the Privateer, on the other hand, does the same to you by sharing your Progen advantages and having a 5th weapon slot). In theory, you also gain some DPS from [b]Repulsor Field[/b], allowing you to return some of the damage an enemy inflicts on you. In practice, this isn't so much the case; enemies are usually too busy running from you to fire back, and so Repulsor Field tends to go wasted when soloing. It is, however, a great buff to share with friends in a group; PWs in particular enjoy it, due to their habit of getting chewed on by enemies. If it were up to me, I'd swap the PW's Shield Sap with the PS's Repulsor Field - let the Sentinel have a skill that is used offensively and is supportive, and let the Warrior have a skill that's used defensively and turns their tankiness into a weapon. You also have an amazing emergency button for sour situations in the form of [b]Power Down[/b]. Power Down functions almost identically to Cloak, with two major exceptions. One, you can never move while using it (a significant disadvantage). Two, at higher levels, you continue to regenerate Reactor and Shield energy (a significant advantage.) Sentinels with high Power Down can often win wars of attrition with enemies by simply fighting until they're a few hits from taking hull damage, Powering Down to regenerate (since Progen Lv9 shields recover stupid-fast), then powering back up and continuing to fight. It also provides you with a near-foolproof escape plan. If you find yourself under fire from enemies you can't take, simply power down, target a distant nav, and warp. As a result, Sentinels are the kings of crowd-control, and can usually scare off or fake out anything that they can't outright out-gun. They do have some significant disadvantages, though. Chief among them are mobs that are immune to Menace, particularly boss mobs. Menace is their primary crowd control skill - without it, a Sentinel is merely a poor man's PW in combat. Sentinels also can't build weapons, which means they also can't construct ammo; they and the Terran Scout are the only two ammo-using classes that can't. This means you're gonna either have to use 100%-quality shop-bought stuff, or be reliant upon other players for 200%-quality ammo. You also have to be sure not to get in over your head; while [i]heavily[/i] armed for an explorer-class, and durable to boot thanks to Lv9 Shield Tech, you're still nowhere near as tanky as a genuine PW, or even a PP; you've got to be a bit more careful about how you pick your fights. Fortunately, your primary two skills are designed to let you do [i]just[/i] that. You may notice that things are... inconvenient, for a Sentinel. Sentinels are heavily reactor-dependent (Menace & Repulsor Field is expensive), yet progen-friendly reactor builders are somewhat rare among the playerbase, and reactor-improving devices that aren't Jenquai-only or Progen-restricted are tough to come by. You'll need to get creative, and look for important prospecting buffs (Skill Energy Conservation, Reactor Recharge Increase, Reactor Capacity Increase, Shunt to Reactor) on gear other than devices. On the bright side, you have the easiest time of any exploration class when it comes to shredding pesky ore-field guardians or pop-rock mobs, due to Menace and the sheer level of firepower you can bring to bear.
  2. However, they allow the reverse to be true. You can look up any mob by name and know its CL exactly what it drops. It doesn't give you exact percentages, or the mob's location, but you can see how common certain drops are compared to ohters. There'd still be quite a bit of mystery even if the item DB linked the mobs that dropped the item, provided it didn't display any more info than the Mob Search function does. You'd still have to both find the mob's sector, and then hunt it down within the sector.
  3. The forums use a separate account system from the Net-7.org main site. Your game account doesn't automatically come with a forum account, and vice versa. I might be able to confirm the problem; just tell me one of your '[i]characters'[/i] names, and one of the things you're [i]certain[/i] that character can build. I'll search the builder list for that item and see if your character comes up.
  4. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1323393202' post='49372']ah yes I like, so if you have a higher level prospect skill, mining a lower level pop rock, you'll have a greater chance of success ... Nice mechanic, if no-one has any objection I'll put that in.[/quote] You have my wholehearted support.
  5. Noxmire


    [quote name='Drifter' timestamp='1323357885' post='49354']Side Note: [b]1337 4l13n5[/b] = [b]aii7 olainu[/b][/quote] Mhm. The correct translation of "Leet Aliens" into V'rix would be "L22T1L32NS". I'm so glad that the V'rix don't really speak 1337, and have their own alphabet/numeric replacement code. As for the news reporter voiceovers regarding the maelstrom, that's just another 'artifact' from old Sunset that hasn't been patched out yet. Which brings up the thought: hey Devs, have you considered having the community, or members of the staff, record their own Net-7 news report voiceovers, and patching them in so that the Net-7 station & relays can broadcast them?
  6. Noxmire


    The V'rix currently don't exist in E&B Emu, since our storyline basically begins prior to E&B's own sunrise, if memory serves. Neither of the three races have any inkling that the V'rix exist, and the V'rix themselves have no interest in human-controlled space yet. Whether or not they become part of the game is up to the devs. If they do, it won't be for a while after we go live, at any rate.
  7. [quote name='sockual' timestamp='1322416314' post='48940'] the game will never go live ppl this you must understand we will always be in testing [/quote] Well, I can say one thing. THIS post earned an honest-to-God laugh outta me. Man, ever since this project was five or six guys who needed slash commands just to move from sector to sector, or even back when it was just ships floating around in space with no weapons, no equipment, no mobs, and no skills, let alone anything to use them on, I've been hearing phrases like this. "They'll never get movement right." "They'll never get warp working." "They'll never have functioning skills." "Equipment will never exist." "Navs will never be a part of the game." "Stations aren't happening." On and on and [b]ON[/b]. [i]They've been wrong every single time.[/i] So, thanks sockual, you've just ensured that we ARE going Live sooner or later. Anyway, on the subject of wipes, there will be at least one when we go to live, and one if there's ever a massive database update/screwup that necessitates one. If it happens, it happens - wipes are part of almost any MMORPG, and all you can really do is roll with them. Nobody's paying real money for in-game items, so everything you have, you earn. If you've earned it once, you can earn it again, so why stress?
  8. [quote name='Crichton' timestamp='1319150767' post='47502']The so called 'peacefulness' is an illusion based on the state of the game. If/When the project goes live there will be the same group effort and competition that there was in live. The positive in this is that those fighting for the rare/top items/recipes eventually filter down to the normal players. Will there be people camping to get raid items, rare drops, etc? Without a doubt. But there will also be a large number of players willing to help people out just as there are now.....and was in live.[/quote] I'm gonna have to disagree with you there, Crichton. A big part of the way EnB was is due to the the nature of the people that joined initially and set the 'tone' for the community. That tone was hyper-competitive and prone to people scratching and clawing their way to the top, regardless of who they have to climb over to do it. When Sunset happened, we all had a nice big break from the game, which let us reflect on our own behavior and the behavior of others. And it seems the bulk of us decided, "God, we were [i]jerks[/i] back then!" and decided that, when the E&B Emu project went public, that this would [i]not[/i] be the case. Right now, the couple hundred or so players that exist are the core of the new community. We will be setting the tone and attitude that the community will possess for as long as we don't endure another Sunset-like 'reset'. Sure, things WILL change as populations rise and competition for resources and levelling opportunities becomes more heated. However, we've established a foundation of cooperation and comeraderie here that can and will survive the population boom, [i]if we make sure to nurture it.[/i] If make sure new folks realize that being a heartless, amoral, inconsiderate jerk isn't welcome around here, and encourage proper etiquette and gratitude whenever we can, I see E&B's community being one of the most mature and uplifting of any game I've ever been a part of. It's already well on its way now.
  9. Heya Cajun. Looks like I'm not the only old returnee to show up recently. Welcome back, man.
  10. [quote name='Shaddex' timestamp='1323100220' post='49234'] Updated. Should now be as "in game" [/quote] Indeed it is. Thanks kindly, Shaddex.
  11. Is it possible to re-order those 3 bars on the site as well? In game, the order is Combat > Explore > Trade. The order on the site is Combat > Trade > Explore. I realize it's a small thing, but the order is somewhat tradition and ingrained in long-time players. So much so that if you state your level as "OL 70, 22/26/22" people know you're Overall 70, Combat 22, Explore 26, Trade 22. Thanks for your time and effort, Shaddex.
  12. [quote name='TooTall' timestamp='1323041081' post='49207']Man I LOVE your Forum Icon. Barak as a dummy on George Soros's knee, ROFLMAO. But the picture is so small I can't read the caption. What does it say DANO?[/quote] From looking around, it reads, "I can make him sing, talk, or even destroy entire economies without moving my lips." You can see a larger version of the pic on [url=http://i.imgur.com/043lQ.jpg]here[/url]. As far as the TE problem goes, DANO: as others have said you need to submit a ticket, and make sure you get a confirmation e-mail. The GMs can't do anything about the problem unless they know there's a problem in the first place - they're not psychics, after all. [url=http://support.net-7.org/]Here's the link again[/url], just to be sure.
  13. [quote name='Shaddex' timestamp='1323038661' post='49205']Strange as db searches are server side and the snow is client..[/quote] Not as strange as you might think. While it's true the search may take the same time on the server side with or without snow, the search results then have to be [i]displayed[/i] to the client. If the client has no spare resources with which to display the results (due to the snow effect), the site hangs on the client-side. This is why being able to turn the snow effect off immediately fixes the problem even though there's no server-side change. The resources that were previously being monopolized by the snow can now be allocated to displaying and transmitting database queries, as they should be.
  14. [quote name='Shaddex' timestamp='1323021714' post='49194']Ive updated it so you have the option if On or Off in the footer.[/quote] Great. I just noticed that a moment ago, when I logged in. Without the snow effect, logging into net-7.org took only moments. Database searching, too, is much faster. Thanks kindly for making it both optional, and setting the default to 'off'. [quote name='Shaddex' timestamp='1323022898' post='49197']Just checked and the Snow does not effect search results. I would suggest that is something else [/quote] Funny you should say this, though, given what I've [i]just[/i] experienced moments ago. In the interest of tester's curiosity, I looked into the matter. After a little fiddling around with it, I discovered something. If I'm using Firefox and actually [i]looking[/i] at the Net-7.org page, with snow on, while it's searching, it will take several minutes. Yet if I switch to a different program, or even just switch to a different tab within Firefox, the search will take only seconds. I've noticed the snow effect 'pauses' when the site is not in-focus, and while paused like this, the snow effect has no effect upon searching speed. It's only when the snow effect is in-focus that it becomes a problem. My best guess is that it hogs resources that would otherwise be devoted to database queries involved in logging in or browsing the site, and while paused due to being out of focus, it no longer holds those resources hostage. Anyway, it's a moot point now that the snow effect is optional, but there you go.
  15. [quote name='Lot' timestamp='1323017399' post='49185'] Firefox goes 100% CPU when the snow script is active and makes the browser become less responsive. I don't mind non-moving Christmas glitz but sorry the snow effect is too much. Please take the problem seriously. [/quote] Quoting in agreement. Ever since the snowflake effect was added, login and database queries that used to be instant or near-instant now take up to 5 minutes. I'm all for holiday cheer, but not when it inhibits effective usage of the site. It's meant to be a resource first and foremost, after all.
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