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Im working on getting that back as soon as possible...

Has no rush, i just joined this nice community and see there were some trouble's the last few days. keep up the good work its very apriciated ^^

Is there any guide for the login process. it says i need to make a EA account. when i say *i got one* and use the login i made a hour ago with the new registration page it says **could not communicate with the registration server, please try again later.

Thanks in advance.

(If i should post this somewhere else do not hessitate to delete this reply)

Best regards,

Johan Mechielsen

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Hi guys/gals,

just a quick status update - the source of the excessive lag and blackholing of sectors has been fixed. The blackholing was caused by a spinning process which prevented player updates in the affected sector. Once two or more sectors were affected in that way, the spinning processes would consume most of the CPU power, which then led to the server slowing right down or 'lag'.

Well I guess time will tell because the locked process problem didn't usually start happening until a few hours after a restart.

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