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  1. Not sure who remembers me ... logged in again, first time in a while.... Original dev of EnB Database, as WebDev for N7 for a while
  2. Is the server status thread broken?   Not been in game for that long, has the server been up since 1st feb?   Dont even think EA managed that !!!   :)
  3. I can assure you, a lot of drops have changed. Can't and won't say what, but what you need someone to create is a community driven database to collate all your information. This is what happened during the original live :) EA didn't feed anything. All the info came from the players. There are enough people playing now, surely one is able to create a simple db site :)
  4. If you chose to read the forums entirely you will see that this has been answered many many times. Certain issues only appear under load, before live things we stable with 150-200 people on, server is now double that, and errors are showing up under load. Can't do a load test without enough players, and that's is what transition to live brought us. More players/returning players. These things are getting fixed by volunteers that DON'T take any money for there work, we are a none profit organisation with all donations used purely to fund servers and development tools for a FREE TO PLAY game. Need any more explanation?
  5. Due to the game engine/client being so old, i doubt that we could improve the textures (more polygons etc) We have a team looking at the graphics, but I personally think we are very limited in what we can do.
  6. Do you mean a page to list them all by category? If you do, log in to the portal, click on an avatar. Then click on the recipes tab
  7. Can you try on chrome/firefox. Im not aware of any compatibility issues. Short of that, if you PM me you portal log in i can test it from here.
  8. Please post a support ticket on net7 and a WebDev will take a look. Please give us your forum user/email and the emails registered for you game accounts and we will advise how you need to link them and the details you need Thanks
  9. There is a sync mail address option on the portal. On my idevice right now so not easy to look. I think it's in account settings somwhere, use this to alter the mail address of the game accounts to sync with your forum account Post a ticket on net7 with your account usernames and email addresses if you still have an issue.
  10. DISCLAIMER: I'm just a web dev, not a server dev so my opinion is my own and not one the Dev team or Net-7 entertainment. I played earth and beyond live 1st time and since ST3 this time... In original EnB you COULD go and solo play, in LIve Emu, still can, and have been doing so far to OL50, yeah, im a PW and have managed, needed help on a couple fighting about my weight, but still managed to get to where i am with little play time, and i have enjoyed it, the changes made have not made it impossible to play in the slightest. Have the devs done things i disagree with? probably, but i loved EnB so much i aint going to let it stop me.... im gonna adapt and carry on... What if i didnt like it? well, i'd just stop playing if it got to that stage. Remember, everyone has a different idea of fun.... mine is spending hours upon hours coding website databases (yes i did www.enbdatabase.com from ST3) which is what got me on that team and working on the portal. We, the N7 team, have never said we are creating a copy of EA's Live, as you all know it was very flawed. The content most of you are already playing would not exists if we were recreating live. New character types, new mobs, new items, new missions, new sectors would all be gone, and there would be some very messy bugs. Are things perfect now? Hell no, Are they better than EA live? some yes, some no, Will any of this stop ME playing? Lost the game once, not gonna loose it again! We have 400-500 people on the server at any one time, surley this means the game is playable in various styles? If you have issues with the way things are going, and you think that the majority of the community agree, then get them on this post... If they dont post, its obviously not a big enough issue for them to worry about. If the things you dont like, dont get changed, you have 2 options... adapt or leave, and those ARE choices, no one is forcing you to play or not play.... After all, its only a game Fire extinguisher at the ready....
  11. Net7 'logs in' to the game server to get the player count. Any issues with the login server stops the portal getting a true reading not sure why the server is down though.
  12. I have the fixes ready, just need a CDEV to verify a few things, hoping to get it in tonights maintenance window.
  13. Neptune will be sorted with next content push, as long as i can get a dev to update the database Can someone please tell me which pirate gates are missing and in which sectors? Thanks
  14. Easy to add, Just get the green light off the boss, and it will be in.
  15. Love your avatar :D
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