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Growing up, I was really interested in MMOs.  Unfortunately I lived in a Mac household, due to my father's business and my uncle being an Apple dealer.  I can't complain, because I got a computer to myself, and they were pretty nice.  The downside to it being that I had a limited selection of games, and had to pay a premium for ports if we got them.  I played Lineage, the original EQ Mac server, and grabbed EQOA on PS2 when I could.  Of course WoW eclipsed all that.


The thing is games never really scratched that same itch. Not even classic WoW.  While tab-targetting is my preferred method of playing, things have changed.  I've been digging through private servers of old games for awhile now.  I got to play games I missed out on, like SWG.  City of Heroes did have native Mac support after a time, so I was there for that one.  Same with WAR Online.


When I found out there was an emulator for this game, I couldn't wait to try it.  I wanted to try and go in as blind as possible, but with these older games I am aware it is totally possible to bork your character permanently.  I also have no idea how classes or the trinity works in this game.  On a surface level, the Terran Enforcer and Trader sound cool, they also seem to be the most popular.  Progen seemed cool too.  Explorers and Traders that can still fight is a neat idea.  I also love the fact that the game splits XP up into 3 pools.


I'm not planning on going too hard into this, so I will probably only ever bother with one character.  Haven't been able to find a guide that actually explained things, so I thought I would come here.  Any help is appreciated.

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I have several JE's (Jenquai Explorer)(15) of various levels along with several of the other 8 professions,  each profession(class) can be played in a myriad of way,  for example I have a Combat JE,  he does explore  but he is primarily combat and Rescue,  I like the Terran Explorer (TS, Terran Scout)  easily the fastest character in the game,  The one I can tell you is play the game and your avatar any way that you want to,  its a big galaxy and there is a lot to see and do,  some sectors i would stay pout of unless you are being Escorted (toured) as they most certainly will cause you to die, and you will either have to sleep off the or trade run you Debt away .  The game is twenty years old now so the graphics are not as flashy as some of the newer games out there but the one thing that was well liked is that you don't have to keep an eye over your shoulder wondering if the other player is going to shoot you n the back like some of the other games,  we Do Not have P-V-P. though back in the original live we had three arenas when you could PVP with other players in your level class's. You will see me in game often lurking in the station on my HGM avatars, sometimes traveling around checking on things, or I may be on one of my Many Peanuts Gang Guild Avatars,  

Hope to see you in game,  if you have any questions or issues just ask the player will be more than willing to assist, especially if you need gear upgrades.


you should check out the website www.enbmaps.de and bookmark it  it is a very good game map.  also on the Net-7.org Portal page ther is a map that can show you the sector where you avatar is located  especially good for use in some sectors.

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Warrior Classes=>have the most guns/do the most damage but have issues with power (PW, TE, JD)

Trader Classes=>Recharge shields, do ok damage, are the healers in the game (PP, TT, JS)

Explorer Classes=>Mine and refine ore/gas. Do the least damage, provide other benefits (PS, TS, JE)


Terans use Missiles=>long range/kiting combat. Only get L8 reactors but get L9 Engines. Have biggest holds.

Progen use Projectiles=>mid range combat. Get L9 shields, engines, and reactors (PS only gets L8 reactor)

Jenquai use beams=>close range combat and they can cloak. Only get L8 shields and engines but L9 reactors.


If yer only going to play one character, which will be almost impossible, I recommend the Jen Explorer. JE's are useful solo, in groups, and in raids. Nobody ever says, "we have too many JE."


It starts with the lowest damage, like several of the classes, but in can Jumpstart (revive) dead players, generates power for others, and is the king of mining. It is a little tricky, since it has small shields (but so does the Terran Scout, another explorer class). It does have Cloak though. JE also get access to the wormhole skill which is an instant port to another location in a different sector. You get different WH locations as you level the skill.


Before doing any combat get your JE's Explore to level to 25 so you can get Combat Cloak (all Jen should to do this) as it doubles your dps). You can do this by mining, getting into a tour group, or just exploring nav points.


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Get into a guild its the best way to learn this game. They will help you and guide you. I've been playing this game since the beginning then went through sunset then the rebirth and ill be here till i die. I'm 74 now so that could be soon lol

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