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Can't login to the character screen

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I was able to login last night, I am on the east coast. However, this morning I am getting this issue , see below..



I logged into Net-7 and seen members online go from 19 to 21, but, I did not see any post about issues for loading the game. Is there a maintenance scheduled going on or....? Please advise Thanks in advance!! 

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Signed in early this morning. Then later when trying to log in my alts on other computers (Win7 and Win10) got the same message and still get it. It 'appears' to be a certification issue. Kept the first connect open. Went through the higher menu to Megan to Login again, it worked on the original. Someone posted that they changed the certification status and got access.  See forum "Keep getting INV-300 when trying to log on" for the work around, but its posted with warning about leaving it unchecked if you do any other internet work.

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Go into Control Panel, Internet Options, Advanced tab,  scroll down to Security and uncheck Check for server certificate revocation. Click apply.  Start the game.   Go back and turn on the Check and apply again so your regular browsing stays safe.   You will need to do this to start the game until the cert is fixed.

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