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Where has everyone gone?

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21 hours ago, Lquan said:

Dear Friends:


I expect to be out of game beginning April 4 for "some" days.  Time away depends on what the surgeon discovers when he opens me up.  I've some nerve issues in my left arm which are becoming worse over time.


While they "think" the problem is localized to my elbow, it is also possible that direct inspection will determine that the nerve farther up is not responding properly -- in which case they close the elbow and do a detailed imaging sequence looking for spinal issues in my neck.  [oh, lovely].


At the least, I expect to be out a few days due to pain meds and inability to use left arm.  [I hate pain meds -- they interfere with my mental processing.  The mild buzz of one beer is about all i can handle.]


Well, I've little choice -- I'd like my fingers and hand to still be working in a decade -- and if nothing is done, they likely won't be.



[Thankfully, I live in the US so the wait time to do this "not immediately essential" surgery is a couple of weeks, not months; and paying for the procedure will not be denied due to my retired status and pushing toward elderly age (unemployed old folks don't really need two well functioning hands, do they?  Well, I'd not want to put that question to the NHS since I know they don't think wet macular degeneration in one eye is worth treating if you're elderly {I bet there's an exception to this for politicians}).]

I hope it all goes smoothly.

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On 3/27/2019 at 7:59 AM, Lquan said:



Good luck and God bless, matey. Hope everything comes out ok.

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surgery update ... complete and recovering.  left elbow dislikes some movements, this is thought to be normal for another month or so ... doesn't much impede gaming though


thanks for the kind thoughts, guys

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