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This Morning 5/26/17. Daughter Graduated

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Well I am up in San Jose California for a couple of days, attending my Daughters College graduation. She Graduated this morning with a BSCS, (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science).  Lets just say Daddy is a very proud person.  I will be home tomorrow evening and back to my regular Schedule (mostly) .  On a side note i just finished 25 days of radiation treatments for my kidney cancer on the 24th  so that will allow me to be in game more also.  


Woodstock DGM


I look a little elderly in the pictures  i have been on Chemo for over a year and just finished 5 weeks of radiation.


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Congrats on your daughter's graduation. 


Good luck with getting better.  Keep an eye out for abnormal pains etc.  My wife's uncle got kidney cancer and it spread to his bones.  He ignored the pain way too long and he had to have bone removed.

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