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TT Component skill

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I did read the related ticket...

my tt is lvl 16. i got 40 k with me and walsh still not talks about the component skill...

so the question: lvl 10 trader needed? if so it should be stated that way.

If not what goes wrong?

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Build Components.

Tinkering with Parts mission.


Katlyn Walsh of Somerled Station (New Edinburgh, Tau Ceti) is willing to teach you how to build components, for the right price of course! 



TT, OL10, Req. Mission (Supply Run)  Louden MacEwen, that mission requires (reactor leak)Louden MacEwen.

 wich requires  (Finer Points of Negotiation mission) Louden MacEwen.




Build Devices.


Build Chemical Resistance Device,

Maks Babin of Inverness Down needs you to build a chem resist device to protect the station. 


Sometimes it's just because a person skips around in missions then finds he didnt do something earlier that needs to be done to progress.

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Well, to be honest Blacklung, the way Louden MacEwen offers missions to new TTs, it's kind of easy to skip around in missions.  First time my TT talked to him he had 5 missions right off the bat and if you take one he won't talk to you until that one is done.

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Then go back and do the missions stated above to get the skill,Look at what missions you have done and what is still needed to do then go do it.


http://www.net-7.org/   select toon and click mission log tab.


If you give me the avatars name and can check to see if a problem exist that is not of your control.

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Red  Is the Avatar, I don't recall having any issues, just that Comps and Weapons were the only builds I was interested in at the time.  I forget when, But I do recall several sectors showing as unexplored that I was sure I had been to, perhaps some data was lost at some point?

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I added the build device mission to your toon, you had the requirements but looks like you just never went to Maks Babin, or maybe you did and it didnt click.

either way its in your log now.

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The build Comps skill and build devices skills missions on the TT intertwine  you have to Complete the Build devices skill mission in order to get the Build Comps skills mission

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