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  1. If Your Avatars have not yet been able to get the Mary Christmas missions for this year, Please reply to this with Avatar Names of those who need to be fixed and I will accomplish the fixes as Quickly as I can.
  2. find the EnbConfig using your file explorer, right click on the EnbConfig, select properties and set the compatibility winxp sp3 to win 8 works depending on your computer, also set the box for run as administer, run the config program and set you desired resolution if wan to run as a windowed program select the box box for windowed mode if you want to run full screen deselect the windowed mode box,. also run the performance test to set your chosen resolution.
  3. When You write a GM Help Ticket for mission assistance, lost items, or Seasonal mission, The Following information is required Who Name(s) if your Avatar, (Characters Name) Mission Name and Steps What what happened and/or What needs to be done any other important information needed to amply your issue (I.E what you did or was doing when the issue popped up) For Example: I have been getting tickets to reset the Christmas missions but the ticket Submitter did not include the characters name, the GM's NEED TO KNOW who is the character that needs help, submitting the information required will allow the GM's to go through working the Tickets Faster with out bouncing the tickets back to the Submitting player, this results in longer times involved in correcting your issues.
  4. check your Local IP setting on the net-7 launcher, if its not set correct it will cause this issue, I recently got a new computer and had this same issue I changed the Local IP setting and everything started working
  5. right click on the EnbConfig and select properties mark the box run as administrator, and the box for compatibility, run the compatibility test and take the recommended setting, after you have done this run the EnbConfig select the resolution , and run the setting test, if you want to run it in a window so you can have web pages open behind game and be able to mouse over to the browser select run in a window box, if you want to run the game in a full screen mode deselect this setting, while the EnbConfig is open run the sound test to ensure your sound settings are good. See you in game
  6. Found the HGM in game got a picture of him, His name is truly descriptive of him, picture included
  7. as i am writing this there are 74 players* in game its 313 am pacific time
  8. I just respawned Santa Saturday night 1830 pacific time (+8)
  9. Santa Respawned approximately 1830 Pacific time today.
  10. I'm doing great a little chest congestion now. Good news Wife's quick test results came back negative. so until I'm tested clear I am stuck at home , and so is she.
  11. I saw the ticket , AzDexter. I also Respawned Santa a short time ago , I will log into game again in a little bit working wife faction and household work .
  12. Azdexter I fixed CharlieJadeje, you are good to go you may need to relog if you have not do so yet.
  13. as soon as i logged in today the first thing i did was spawn Santa for those who were waiting , i will respawn again tomorrow when i get on if he needs it
  14. I have diagnosed with covid 19, my test results came back positive, my wife is also starting to show symptoms so it looks like 2 weeks at least stuck in the house, on the other hand, it means MORE ENB
  15. Everything is back up i just had to wait for everything to filter down to me. I'm fly back up as of about 7 hours ago.
  16. Everything is back up i just had to wait for things to filter down to me
  17. Everything is down for me, my tools can not find the server, none of the Net-7 pages or the Wiki pages will open/start to load for use, the game launch says cant find server and the announcement area shows a 404 error. oh yeah forgot I cant get TeamSpeak to connect to the game also
  18. I believe the server is down, ,y server status app light is red on all my computers and the game wont start up
  19. use the ENBConfig program either Via the Net-7 launcher or via navigating to the following directory and finding the ENBCONFIG executable. EAGAMES/Earth & Beyond/EBCONFIG/ then look for the Enb Config. you will need to run it as Administrator and compatibility , right click on the enbconfig, and go to properties, then select run as administrator then run the compatibility checker once those two are down run the Enb Config, and run through all the resolution settings to find the one you want, there is also a box titles Run in Window or window, most people do run it in a window so they can have the webpages on the portal page and forums open for reference. run the config until you find the resolution your are comfortable with, also run the sound tests to make sure your set up, once you have run the tests and select all the items you want close the config and run the game
  20. OK, I removed the duplicates from your cargo, please use the command : /getgmitems to retrieve the sextans and hunk o'metal,
  21. I'll take care of this when I get home from work tonight. 10:30 pm pacific time
  22. I also could not connect at the same time you wrote this, IT is not a n Issue that the GM's take care of, all the GM;s can do is report the server is down on the forums and wait for a DEV to troubleshoot the issue and report back, which they have down and the server is back up
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