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  1. No not on a laptop and thank you for your help it was a good though actually but no I am on a desktop. Yes it could be but don't think so have no problem with a couple of other games but that doesn't mean anything i already waiting for their network guy to get back to me.
  2. yes sure did try a different character an different linked account still crashed right after character selection but thank you for your help i did try it again just to make sure I had.
  3. Thank you for your advice I have indeed tried deleting the global.th6 files and all of the .th6 files. I appreciate your help none the less Thank you
  4. I recently moved into a extended stay hotel. I have a stable network connection and was able to fully log into the game and move around. Once I left my current station I was stalled on the galaxy Map and had to use task manager to exit the game. Since then i have been unable to log into the game fully i get to the character selection screen and choose my toon and hit enter game I briefly see the galaxy map then everything closes and I am back  to desk top. I have browsed through all the of/or most of the advice here in this section. I have done a DNS flush re-installed the certificate. re-installed the game. Verified evrything is running with Run as Admin selected. adjusted the firewall rules for the game. I am at a loss for what to do next I understand some of this is caused by load which the devs are working on deligently. The most I can offer is a copy of what the   error is listed to be any help would be appreciated.        Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH   Application Name:    Net7Proxy.exe   Application Version:   Application Timestamp:    50f8885e   Fault Module Name:    StackHash_51fb   Fault Module Version:    6.1.7601.17725   Fault Module Timestamp:    4ec49b8f   Exception Code:    c0000374   Exception Offset:    000ce6c3   OS Version:    6.1.7601.   Locale ID:    1033   Additional Information 1:    51fb   Additional Information 2:    51fbb60b488237a701ec289cca08c79f   Additional Information 3:    2fc8   Additional Information 4:    2fc8fb3fbc5c8ad65c6cc51a6a445777      I have no idea what this  means but this is what shows up under the detailed errors list when the close client window pops up.   Thank you for the help and bringing back such a great game.     Ok now I have another small hiccup I am now occasionally able to load completely into the game at my current station as soon as I try and leave CRASH.     oh yeah one other thing I am getting a Log-in invalid use default log-in. Have no idea what that means. 
  5. a few minutes  ago I noticed that my HU mission for lvl 50 had ask me to report to the Infiniti yard with 30000 credits for my HU. when I completed that task. I had another advance in my HU mission this time it said bring 100000 credits to have my ship worked on so i followed my instructions. After going to the yard again I paid the money. I immediately checked my mission log and it had advanced again this time asking for 300000 credits for the work to be done. Not having done this lass before this far I had know idea this wasn't supposed to be happening.I did look at my mission journal  after that as well and it stated  to pay 1 million credits for the HU. I asked my fellow guild mates about it and was informed that this was very much not correct and to submit a ticket  but the in game ticket system is down. So here is my in game information  a lvl 49 Terran tradesman Named ImrtlwolfTT currently resting in Somerled Station, New Edinburgh.           Respectfully
  6.  I know there might be an answer to this  here already but i have spent a few hours hunting for it and have not come across it yet. Ok I can log into the game fine in fact I have made 3 toon on 2 different accounts already and have logged in with them. However even when creating the second toon as now with my 4th after i have gone through the character and ship customizations and hit the next button at the name and server selection screen after i type in the name and choose the server the game has repeatedly just stopped. I don't mean it crashes or freezes but at the point where you hit the next button to enter the game Megan says  " Your all set......" then you get the galaxy map load screen then land at class area station right. Well i hit the next button and she says nothing but stands there and fidgets the music plays  and that's all that happens i don't enter the game I just sit there seeing the server selection screen.  I am really at a loss for what to do i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 or 4 times already tonight I have checked and doubled checked all the compatibility and run as admin are checked. Please Help!!!          Respectfully
  7. did u find a solution for the decal error after putting yer charname ?
  8. For some reason when I try and make a Character other then a Terran I get locked up when I go to enter the game after assigning a name. granted I haven't tried a Progen yet. Also no matter what race i seem to have a glitch when doing the custom creation I dont know how to describe all that but the tattoos change to what looks like the decals and i dont seem to be getting all the options for some of the parts. I have reinstalled twice. made sure compatibility is set for XP (SP2). Not sure what else to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.Ok I have tried it on a progen as well now and all it did once again is sit for about 10 to 15 minutes on the set name and galaxy screen. Anuy help[ would be appreciated I dont think everyone is playing a terran are they
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