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  1. i have been playing since it came back up no issues now i am getting the 300 error and i tried all the suggestions that i understood and nothing worked my bf pc right next to me runs fine i am win 10 he is 11
  2. ok so i did do a ticket twice because i dont think i did it right the first time and now i am not sure i was clear in what i typed but my je had these two data cubes and i couldnt get rid of them and i asked how to get rid of them and did said action to be rid of them now i know its for the end of the lvl 30 hull upgrade mission to build the inspiration and i screwed it up lol then messed up on the ticket and it does not allow me to check it so probably messed it up too and if it is just me over thinking the whole thing just ignore sorry to bother so much but i didnt mean to mess up sooooooo many times ty and great job with the game people
  3. i will keep checking back in hopes
  4. just remember to be patient they have and are working hard i had very little and so no loss but i didnt have a isssue as of yet i only checked one toon just happy to see the game
  5. i am opposite i open the launcher more than check here
  6. hey if anyone is wanting two wayward toons in there group or guild when it comes back on line my boyfriend and i would love to run with others out there in space
  7. been playing wow to get my attention off of it but still check when i get home and when i am at a lul in the game and before i go to bed ssssssoooo i never did a raid in live i am looking forward to said situation i just hung out with friends killing everything i saw with me pw
  8. lilredvampy


    i joined the discord
  10. ok i downloaded every thing loaded it up got to megan and it keep saying connecting to server but never let me put any thing in at one point it asked if i already had and account so i said yes and put in my info and it said it could not communicate with the sever try again later did i do something wrong ok now it lets me put my stuff in but megan just stands there looking at me like its locked up but she is not locked up
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