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  1. Hey, everyone! I was wondering if the "downloads" section from the main drop-down menu on the portal was working for anyone else? When I try to access it, the page just loads the previous screen I was looking at. Is this because of the server migration? Will it be accessible in the near future? Thanks!
  2. Thought I would jump into this conversation, I'm having trouble with the IP as well... It appears differently on the launcher, how can I fix that?
  3. Thanks rolo, knowing is half the battle. Because knowledge is power!
  4. Is he one of the server devs? Because that would be perfect!
  5. Yes... Yes... Let the hate flow through you... Strike your enemy down while he is weak!
  6. Well let's hope one of the 4 Dev's are aware.
  7. I'm curious as to what this discussion in New Players was?
  8. Bad Luck Brian: Logs onto EnB-Emu for the first time ever Server crashes...
  9. I will send a flock of doves carrying love grenades in your direction
  10. I really like this theme. Would be great if we could get a mobile version of it?
  11. [quote name='muse' timestamp='1339393519' post='58739'] Tell me about it, Sleven. Most states/cities wish for a white X-mas. Here? we wish for a day cool enough we can turn the AC off. [/quote] We wish for a day where we don't have to scrape ice off our dogsleds.
  12. I wonder if this will be a quick-fix, or if I should stop holding my breath..?
  13. [quote name='amelea' timestamp='1339387956' post='58726'] If you're talking about the list of players online on Net-7.org, I don't think it's a consistently updated list, and it may have just been listing the people online (and with no privacy settings) at the moment the server died. It lists me as online at Aragoth Station, and I had logged off to try to reboot the game only to find that the server was down. However, if you look at the statistics of the number of players online per 2 hours at 5 minute intervals, it has been at zero since the server crashed. On another note, I wonder if there are problems with restarting the server. I've only seen the server off twice, but each time it's only taken two or three hours to come back online. [/quote] That makes much more sense. As far as I know the server has been down all day and I haven't seen an update or reason posted yet, which leads me to believe it's nothing too serious (hopefully).
  14. Twitching and itching for my EnB fix...
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