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  1. Hey nmkippes, thank you for uploading the models, i like your "cut shipbody in halves approach". that paint looks quite rough, not a pro-painter either, the material is quite rough to begin with straight of the printbed. (i've been trying to smooth bits using various putty's with mixed results. nice job on the standard aswell, you could chromeplate the thing and it wouldn't look out of place on a CEO's desk, heheh
  2. NGL, that topic title was a little disconcerting 😳
  3. i've been doing some cleanup at the shoppe while it's a bit quiet, dismantling old DSL modems (basicly separating em into hard plastic shells and PCB's, so they can be brought to the recycling area. worth a little $ even) the sheer number of issues these things are showing is amazing (while the exterior looks perfectly fine) - bursted capacitors - overheated chips - cracked silicon - molten cabling (exposed copper) good mix of brands aswell, Siemens / Alcatel / ZTE etc.
  4. i can "cut" and leave both pieces in prusaslicer, not sure if thats the same function
  5. eh been pondering switching to Ryzen 3000.. 1st benchy (after fiddling a while with the initial calibrations/Z-offset) tried to see if i could print a Terran Trader cargo container without supports or infill, but messed up the scale… came out tiny (but seemed okay otherwise) https://imgur.com/a/JvwodwC (excuse the potato-cam)
  6. did a clean install just yesterday. hope that helps LaunchNet7.zip
  7. your PS looks nice Mim, ya sure picked the most complex model to start out with, heheh. finally gotten my Prusa Mini delivered last week, they had a ridiculous backlog of orders, lol waiting for materials now, IPA, tools & bits, stuff to get the printbed sticky etc.. 1st few sample models came out pretty nice, perfect benchy (front end lifted a mm from the print at some point though) , some tiny whistle. the machine does its bed-leveling process before starting a print. getting some upgrades for the main rig soon, and then i'll be able to get into slicer programs. think i'll give the TT a go, nice and boxey.
  8. Yeah, i've had a short looks at cura before, although half the time i don't know what i'm looking at settings wise. the thing i ordered should come with prusaslicer, ill give that a whirl first and then move to Cura. as far as testing goes, i've come across this autodesk model quite a few times, so i might try that at some point. the no-support thing is quite impressive yeah. can't see the boating industry moving away from injection molds/fiberglass setups any time soon though, heh
  9. wheres my sledgehammer?? ima knock some walls down to make room for that baby, lol IRL-scale progen warrior here i come
  10. can only speak for myself, but i dont mind at all Mim, i've read some bits about enclosures before, ppl seem to be converting IKEA LACK tables (55x55cm) into printing cabinets DIY enclosure - ordered a Prusa Mini, should be arriving at the end of november, so hoping to get into this aswell.
  11. am eyeballing the Prusa Mini atm, still more expensive than the competition, but seems more newb-friendly. only just released. https://www.prusa3d.com/original-prusa-mini/
  12. i would like to see them, even though i don't have an actual 3d printer (yet) curious how your STL's look now, AND the end result ofcourse
  13. the geometry for the wings isn't manifold/airtight ( i could lift individual faces ) attempted a quick fix, if you are willing to have a look (just removed vertex doubles) the spikey bits trailing the wings are just 2 faces and not actual geometry, those would take a bit more work, but looks like you didnt include em either mimwings.blend
  14. those wings/solar-sail panels look quite challenging :EDIT: for those wanting to get into Blender, it recently received fairly substantial upgrade to ver.2.8
  15. need an amazon account for those links? https://imgur.com is fairly straightforward
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