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  1. the local IP is correct and has not changed in 8 years.
  2. I have been trying to login to the game for a while now. My last connection was June 29th 2022 on my TS Ruine. I mined for a bit. A few days later I tried to log back on but looked like the server was down. After that I tried again and saw 50+ players online but still no GO. I checked the Net-7 site and it was working fine. I checked the forum and found that someone else was having login issues too so I posted there and was redirected to this part of the forum where I started this post. Tracking down the problem. Can anyone let me know if my accounts have been turned off or banned? and If so Why?
  3. I have been trying to login to the game for a while now. It shows people online but will not let me in. Have I been banned? and if so what for? All I do mine outside of F7 to remember the old days and relieve stress.
  4. Unable to connect to server. Will it be coming back up?
  5. After 15 mins and Reloading DocPP Twice the Ward of Living Stone appeared in DocPP's vaullt.  Thanks to whomever fixed this.
  6. I transfered one of my Ward of Mucks to Dreadstone on the web site. + then loaded and swapped it out for the Ward of Living Stone that was equiped. + placed it in vault.  + logged off game.   I transfered the Ward of Living Stone from Dreadstone to DocPP. + after selecting lvl 5 Ward of Living Stone, RR+, lvl 4 Laz, lvl 5 Zenshai Tactical and Nav Com. I recieved an Error stating Item Error. - After Reloading Dreadstone and DocPP I realized the web site had EATEN my Ward of living Stone.   The In-Game HELP-Ticket is not working for me. I would Like My Ward of Stone back please.
  7. ahm...I am sure that would have worked rod. however he has given up.   thanks for the reminder tho. It will help next time
  8. no he is not let me get him on that.
  9. Hey Guys:   A friend of mine is running WinXP Pro. He wants to play Enb with us. He Installed the Game and the the Net-7 launcher.   After patching the client and launcher: - Error Installing Certificate   -turned off his Firewall   -turned off his Anti-Virus(AVG) -Rebooted x2 -Error Installing Certificate   I have not had any issues myself with this in a long time. Anything new I should know? Any suggestions?   -When/Ruine/Doc
  10. I found the emulator way back when it was a stand alone. All i could do is fly around and spawn in a mob to kill for myself. When they started to bring this online I uploaded my Live game file to their FTP server. I had found people in WoW who had played in Live, like Phorth and Delaan and told them. We were so very glad to have this game back.
  11. Hay Darkk, change the 1 to a 3. A OWNZ YOUR SERVER makes no sense lol
  12. The clock's run out, time's up, over bloah Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity...
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