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  1. Kyp, Because you have to be diplomatic, I'll say what you're most likely thinking...... A few people on here need to find other shit to do while this gets sorted. If you're checking the launcher 4/5 times a day....you need a life FFS. If you're getting the shakes because you can't play EnB....seek counseling. If you can't have the patience to wait, maybe you should re-evaluate your life. Not everything can be instant, on-demand, right now! This isn't a drive through, internet speed test, or an online order with shipment confirmation in .02ms. I swear some of you are like a toddler who can't get their way. Deal with it!
  2. Thank you for all you guys do, Zackman. It can be a thankless job, but there are many of us who appreciate everything the devs do.
  3. Feurix

    Job Terminals

    Sweet!! Thank you much for the reply Zackman Feurix
  4. Feurix

    Job Terminals

    Name: Feurix Issue: Job Terminal I had spoke to Blacklung about this a while back, but wanted to bring it to someone's attention during the "live" situation. I went to the job terminal last night. I entered it as normal and the GUI was empty. I knew it would refresh so I patiently waited. FIrst refresh came up, and it loaded exactly 5 jobs. There were 1 tourist ferry jobs, 2 Diplomat courier, and 2 Prisoner transfers. This took place at N7 in Saturn. I am overall level 75, and I'm pulling L50 Trade jobs. So please....read what I just put and do not ask me if I'm of the appropriate level. I waited through (I think it was 4 refreshes). On the second refresh I got 4 total jobs. Third refresh I got 7 total jobs. On the last refresh it finally loaded a lot of jobs to me. Now, my wife went to the exact same job terminal at the same time, entered it, clicked on trade jobs, and had so many jobs she had a scroll bar. This has happened to me a lot at various job terminals, and at various levels. I tried loading my account on her computer to see if it was an IP issue(changed IP), computer problem(just went through my computer to rid of any garbage), or a wireless issue(ran a hardline). My JD would get very few jobs, but her JE on my computer would get a great deal of jobs to chose from. I know my way around a computer. I disabled my anti-virus and checked for any firewalls running. Nothing I have done at this point makes any difference. Just trying to figure this out and maybe get some insight from Tienbau on this one. This is not a rant, rave, or flame......just looking for a solution if there is one.
  5. Feurix

    Live Enb

    Name: Feurix. Issues: None Folks, I apologize for my rant. I have a bad temper and combined with frustration can lead me to saying things I later regret. After taking some time to reaccess my play style. The race to 150 is not going to happen in 6.23 days. I am just taking my time, exploring, talking to NPC's, killing mobs I normally would have over-looked, and enjoying each sector and what it has to offer. Since doing this, my game play has been much more enjoyable. The loot is good, and the credits are building. I'm also trying to prove a point that I don't need 200% gear to get through the game. I won't break any leveling records, but it's purely to prove a point. The only thing I'm currently using that is 200% is beams. The devs have done a fine job. You all deserve a pat on the back for your hard work and sacrifice of personal time. Thank you for making the game happen. I sincerely mean that. The economy is still harsh, but will balance out in time. I just wanted to let you all know that the game is great and if taken the correct way, is full of content to keep you busy for months! Sincerely, Feurix
  6. Feurix

    Live Enb

    WOW! I got to spend the entire day trying to make progress on my JD. I got 1.5 combat levels, 9k debt, and I'm now broke from repairs. Challenging? EVEN in Live, it was not this hard to level with store bought equipment. You have made it TOO hard for a single player to do. Group you say? Perhaps I like to do things alone. Perhaps I'm not much into grouping. I do believe it's my prerogative to do that, right? I play games to relax, enjoy, and take my mind off of RL stress. This is far from relaxing. Far from entertaining. It's got me so frustrated, I am seriously considering just not playing. You see, I don't have the luxury of multi-boxing. Which, btw, is what about 80% of this community does. I beta tested EnB. I played Live till sunset. I know this game inside and out. The one thing I loved about EnB was that it was multi-faceted and you could group or play solo. Normal mobs were easily soloed 4-5 levels above your CL. The "challenge" was the raids. You could get to 150 easily by yourself, but you didn't get any good gear without being in a guild, doing a pug, or being invited to fill a spot in a raid. The raids were rough, there were usually 30-40 doritos in a fb. There were always atleast 6 dead PW's and 10 TT's at any Controller raid. We always had 5 JE's on hand for Jumpstarts. THAT was fun. THAT was a good time. You also had enough money to pay for what you needed. This economy is simply ridiculous. You don't have the player base for this kind of pricing. But hey, I'm sure you have thought all this through and don't see any problems. I suppose there really isn't too much of a problem. I don't mind paying 100k for a 200% L4 reactor.......too bad I don't have 100k due to the cost of repairs, upgraded 100% equipment, necessities such as engines, shields, devices, weapons. The only way to avoid the problem is to build your own gear. I spent almost 100k tonight alone to make my wife and I 2x Monoceros, 2x RR+. 2x Laz, and 3x beams. The pricing is not realistic. It's like going to work shoveling out chicken coupes for 13 hrs a day and bringing home 1.20. Please get a clue.
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