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  1. It seems really, really wrong to have to use Terran ranks in a Progen based guild.
  2. Just lost 90% of my post due to htting wrong button... Here's all that survived: Pre-CU SWG had no levels and PVP was some of the best i ever did in any MMO still, to this very day. You specced your toon, geared up as best as you could and you dove into the deep end of fun... not dipping your toe in the kiddie pool and calling it a day. You won, it was great. You lost, you learned from it and came back with more perspective. The lore and setting of SW made it easy to promote conflict and encouraged particpating in the Galactic Civil War. It was pretty much expected of a Rebel to want to go kill an Imperial, just because. When padawans and other [i]jetti[/i] wiould play with their lightsabers, a Bounty Hunter was looking for their nakmes to show up on a mission terminal. No one bitched about getting ganked by a higher level toon with better gear. Now to start fresh... Live didn't have PVP imo. That space soccer game didn't count as PVP in my books. While people with low expectations were content to george jetson it around doing failball, I was killing people, taking their stuff and burning their towns down in Shadowbane. Whacking padawans and making them cry real tears. All while role-playing and adhering to lore. I was an Irekei Thief in SB (we spoke Orc used by Shadowclan in Ultima Online) and a Mandalorian BH in SWG. Open World PVP was where the fun was at... until instancing got popular through WOW Battlegrounds. BGs killed Open World PVP and changed the feel of the game. No conflict, no danger, no risk... boring. A Quest For Balance makes for boring MMO PVP. I just came here from Star Trek Online. Was a OP Klingon there. Qapla'! So much cry for nerfs after we hand a few Starfleet cannon fodder their asses all night. They lose a few battales back to back then hit the forums to bitch and moan for changes. Sadly, nerfs happened and they got new gear to off-set ours. They cried for Carriers because ours were OP... the first night they got them, we slayed them in the Queues. Gear doesn't always make up for skill. Guess what i am trying to re-say, after losing my earlier long and time eating post, is we deserve better than some meaningless deathmatch grind for useless gear. We deserve more to the gaming onion. More conflict, more diplomacy, more guild politics and a means to resolve them ingame and not on the forums. [EDIT: Added a Post Script.] P.S. A PVP Meta Game could really fit in well here. With it comes territory control, access to resources, more crafting possibilites so non-PVPers can make their mark and still play a part in things... Stuff like that. Is why i am asking for the creation of a PVP Focus Group/ Council so the ball can be bounced better rather than kicking the arguement can around on the forums. Let a few of us hammer out some ideas and pull it all together in a proposal for the rest of the community to review?
  3. EnB has a wicked setting and awesome lore just screaming for proper PVP. I was a Beta tester for EnB and I remember how PVP was talked about for the game by some devs. Somehow it ended up as some lame-ass arena based sport. Is one of the reasons I quit EnB to go play Shadowbane and SWG. In Beta, some of us figured that the Red Dragons were going to be the PVP faction and ingame badguys that players could aspire to be. Missed opportunity imo. All the whining and crying about PVP in that last thread is the reason I stopped playing here and the biggest reason I haven't donated yet. I lurk around these forums often, hoping for PVP to be properly discussed. [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1341938003' post='60292'] 1. Sector Based PvP in which anyone entering the sector (or sectors) would be flagged attackable by other players in the sector(s). 2. Arena Based PvP like in live where participants would line up to a queue and be gated at the appropriate time to a mini sector with two respawn/safe locations and the two teams (or single players) would just duke it out in a deathmatch. 3. Guildwar Based PvP in which players would join PvP only guilds on their PvP toons (or have an option in guild controls to flag certain rank? of players overt and attackable. Then whoever was in another guild with their flag up, open world anywhere PvP. 4. Open world PvP. Much like the above guild war except the player controls when they flag overt, without having to join a specific guild to do so. Only players that flag overt would be attackable, and could only attack while overt. 5. Job based PvP, like a bounty system.[/quote] As a longtime online role-playing serial killer here's my take: 1. Sounds good but too limiting. Waste of all that beautiful space in the rest of the game. 2. No. Arena pvp is battlegrounds by any other name and is what kills PVP in gaming today. Instanced crap is crap and it still smells no matter how you smear it on the walls. I actually quit a few MMOs recently because of instancing and treating combat like some sport. 3.Yes, PVP Guilds make sense. Is what I had in mind for the Progen Peace Corps... 4. SWG did this and did it well. TEF system worked and would be nice to see it here. 5. As a former pre-cu SWG Bounty Hunter, hitting marks is always a good thing. Maybe make it so people fail certain missions they get put on a Bounty Hunter mission terminal? Am sure there could be proper triggers so people do not get griefed by player set bounties. Adding in novelty-play is one thing but would rather see a more serious focus when it comes to PVP over-all. No sports, no war is football crap. No PVP only gear, either. Takes up vault space and all gear should be useful in any situation whether you kill a bot or a player imo. What if we had a focus group/ PVP council that could work out the kinks and make things not only more fun but more interesting for all? That way, devs and other project members are not kept from their concentrating on the project at hand.
  4. [img]https://forum.enb-emulator.com/uploads/profile/photo-3542.jpg?__rand=0.62960100+1290679344[/img] Hail Progen! The Progen Peace Corps is now accepting new Genetic Material. Further your Genome and do your Part for the Orbis Progen! Contact Dora using Secure Private Progen Communications Channels. For the Republic!
  5. [quote name='JonesPW' timestamp='1301843997' post='38133'] Hail fellow progen i apolagise about leaving the corp like i did but i have a new guild built from my old famly in live so i had to leave. Y'all are still in my mind at all times and i still do protct the weak and feast on jenquai every saturday! JonesPW PS whats up pax, and Buzz [/quote] Hail Jonesie! The Progen Empire has noted your committment to aiding and abetting non-Progen and therefore... Just kidding! Very good reasons and thanks for taking the time to explain further. Myself, I have been away from the game for a bit but will be back and around. - Pax
  6. I disagree with the need for balancing at this stage of the game. Lore has set up Factions, each with their own adversarial and interdependent relationships. Certain classes are meant to be better than others at certain things. Rock, paper, scissors... Not paper, paper, paper. Shouldn't the game and it's bugs be the focus, first and foremost? Before the nerf bats start swinging and create new problems?
  7. I can't recall correctly but I thought it was visible ingame by the guild name and by player names in the guild window. Using the tag button from the guild window does cause a pop up window to enter text. I somewhat remember seeing tags by Players names in the guild window. Mine are long gone, sadly.
  8. Great idea! Drones would be neat. It could open the door for... Drone Carriers! Muahaha. Would allow Builders to make needed components and have the potential Drone Owner/ Controller assemble them in a faction based mission. Different models for different factions possibly? Maybe, have their own Hull Upgrade Missions (but not level based)? Could use the same setup as regular Player ships. Equip Window slots all the same in function except for the Weapons slots. A Drone Carrier would be defenseless without it's Drones. Instead, each Weapons slot could be a Drone with Ammo requirements and customizable weapons options. For example, One Drone could be using PL Ammo and another ML Ammo. Also, different factional Ammo variants. New blueprints for all parts, too. From Drone components to Ammo and Weapons. One could go to the Hanger in any Space Station and click an option to call the Drone Carrier. "Try to bring 'er back in one piece, <insert factional rank here>!" the Drone Carrier Courier messages. This ship could be free of level and skill dependencies. Allow any Player Class to use. Would give pure Builders a chance to have a better support role in combat and lessen the need for a combat alt imo. Also, no use of the Prospect skill while piloting a Drone Carrier. Mega Miners would be imbalanced and unfair to the rest of the Mining population. Drones and their management could be a mini-game on it's own. Potential for new tactics and strategies. Like the idea of not being able to warp away until Drones are docked. Makes one committed and there should always be greater risk versus reward. Destroyed Drones could drop loot. Most things that get destroyed in this game does drop some sort of credits and loot. Before I Drone on... Just some thoughts to add to your idea, Tyran.
  9. If I can recall correctly, only guild members could see it. Think the Tag was visible in brackets by the Guild Name but am not sure now. For some reason I thought the tag also showed up on the Guildlist window. Can remember in Live making tags like Cabin Boy, Master Looter, and Miner. To me, it was good for admin and it let others know who was doing what within the guild.
  10. I pledge to continue to play EnB more so the next time half my building devolves into mass brawl at 4 AM I will have my headphones and miss out on it. Watching it break out on my security camera made me miss out on leveling. Knives and machetes are distracting. Props to the guy with the gold plated Machete. Classy! Happy New Year!
  11. Tag was more for internal/ admin stuff. Was great to help delegate tasks and positions imo. Also, it helped a few "Cabin Boys" self-identify to the rest of our Live Guild. Hehe. Just tried to use Demote. As a Guild Leader, I cannot demote below me. Option is in red text on the Guild Window for me. Can kick and promote so important stuff works. Yeah, this stuff isn't gamebreaking for me and I appreciate y'all acknowledging. All good things with time, indeed!
  12. To me, why would a drugged out car salesman be selling a watch in a bus station bathroom? Terran logic, I guess. Low overhead? Maximizing profit potential? OMG, Win!!! I saw a Terran find a credit chip on the floor once... Thought he won the lotto!
  13. All I can do is promote and accept the Terran auto-rank using the Guild window. Tag option just leaves a message "Guild : Not implemented yet". Can't demote either. Another for the wishlist, checkboxes to add to the Friendslist from the Guildlist. Something that didn't require typing in each and every name. Thanks for listening!
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