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  1. The spawn and the Warder are accessible.  They're just not easy.   All it takes to kill the Warder is patience and a little luck.  I've camped the Warder maybe a dozen times.  It's not hard to kill, if you're there; but because the spawn window is so broad and so variable, it's a difficult spawn to be there for unless you're willing to invest a lot of time.  I've gotten the kill twice, and shared it with other folks maybe half a dozen more.  The rest of the times, I just missed it altogether.     If you don't have the patience to camp the Warder, you can still get the devices it drops in trade.  I got my most recent FoC that way, as part of a trade for an aa device I prospected a few weeks back.     So -- the Warder and its drops are accessible.  They're just not easy.  As long as they're accessible, I don't see why they need to be changed.
  2. Looks like the login server is down.  Every time I try to enter the game, I get the message "Server Failed to respond to sector login."  This is consistent for every toon I've tried, regardless of sector.
  3. Good suggestion.  If the bubble is a client-side effect (as I presume it is), there ought to be a way to turn it off.  I'm not saying that there necessarily *is* a way to do it, just that it makes sense there would be.   If it's an effect controlled server-side, then wow, whoever coded it back in 2002 really wasn't thinking very clearly.
  4. Purely anecdotal but I almost never see PSes being played.  The response to a CF request in market is usually "let me log my PS."
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