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  1. i dont even have IE browser instald on my windows 7 and windows8.1 those are the first things that i remove from windows.
  2. the modem i had before on XS4All was an old one atleast a year old. but its posible thats the fritzbox is fucking up. you could always ask for a difrent brand of modem. ( never liked fritzbox ). its XS4All thats blocking the packets or its the soft/hardware from then on the fritzbox.
  3. what is going wrong on your computer then? there are always loads of people willing to help you out find a solutions so you can play again this great game. i would be ashame to see new players leaving because the game wont instal/run pls give us some details so the devs can also look at it how to make it easyer.   Greetings Jamoos
  4. Veolia

    Net 7 Wiki.

    problem is that loads of people who play the game almost never come to the forums site. so i would say put it on the Net-7 portal site then.
  5. Veolia

    Net 7 Wiki.

    is it maby an option to put a little show and tell about the Wiki on the net-7 Launcher maby more poeple will know about it then. and maby more people will use and add stuf to it.
  6. are you running the game in admin mode and dit you change some of the files to run in admin mode?
  7. what you can do is just place a toon out there and play on a other toon youl find out if it spawns you dont need to watch all the time check into that toon each 30 min orso how do you think we all do that. and here is an tip talk to some of the people who where an a raid before your turn and ask them what was the last time they kiled it.
  8. i used the belgiium ISP because i was there with some friends for the weekened. now im back home and i use Zeelandnet. i have non of the problems i have on other ISP. but soon im going to move in with my GF and she has KPN and i just dit what zack told us change the MTU and problem fixed. Before i had Zeelandnet i used XS4All and with this ISP you  can not enter Zweihander. And thats the only place you cant enter a friend of mine who lives on the other side of the Netherlands has the same problem with XS4All so i dont think its your personal computer doing this it is the ISP. and as some of you know XS4All is owned by KPN. We even tryed to lower the MTU and see if we can enter zweihander then but that dit not work.
  9. we can aslo have the same problem with the GoBB trigger because thats the only mob in the game "atm" that drops the basilisk lvl 6.
  10. you need help of some one els who is on that  mission aswell if you group up with that person you can kill him togather and your mission wil update afther the kill.
  11. tow cost is calculated on the damage on your equipment that needs to be repaired afther you died.
  12. been talking to some of the staf and they claim it has nothing to do with the server.
  13. its 04:38 AM GMT and the lagg around the RD base is so bad that all 12 players that are there to do the raid is just so bad that we all just crash from the game. pls get a fix on this because this is just no funn when your doing this raid.   These are just the people in my group: Xraygamma Adalwulf Hercpw DrewsterTE Cptgrant   they can tell you aswell how bad this lag problem is
  14. i already dit that there is still even a ticket open from 2013 amd getting a GM's mail back is also always nice you can realy see how they work togather.   -- do not edit -- JamoosPP, Our customer support team personnel has replied to your support request #23712 pm shaddex on the forums, GM'S have nothing to do with the portal. Thank you for playing The Earth & Beyond Emulator,
  15. i have been trying to transfer JamoosPP to an other account but the message i get is: Rejected: Something is not correct with this move - please inform the webdevs! Please open a ticket (menu) and supply the avatar name and your game(!) account name. and this is not only on jamoosPP its on all my toons that i want to place to an empty slot. this problem is there for some time now i have put in GM Supports and Support Tickets but nothing on that.
  16. sure every one is welcome JetpacZX just contact one of the players in game and they well sent you to one of the people who can invite.
  17. you can also use Chrome and Firefox those worked for me aswell.
  18. its 13:36 GMT and the server is lagging like hell all over the sectors
  19. looks like we got a blackhole a week now.
  20. New Edinburgh is blackhole. if one of the server devs/GM's get get Mayond out pls.
  21. need a reboot soon all my toons are at omp
  22. well on that raid i dit not see NOT7news  in there. It was told like 5 times what TS they where using in local and general chat. they also told on teamspeak that they put  up a private channel to do the talking between the 2 groups. and the rolls where done in the private channel.     And to reply to Preekoorb. I think epic gamers have the people and the minds to do those raid them self. So i was already talking to some other officers of BI about the same thing and see if we can trow them in the rotation.
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