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  1. Hi all, Atm... when we open a building tab, by default everyting is shown, that can be several hundrets of items, why not the other way ? nothing is shown until you select the level of items you want to build ?!? it dosnt help showing everything at first. and morover, make the selection stick, because if i change from ammunition to reactors, it will show ALL reactors i can build, why ? who needs that as preset ?
  2. [quote name='Klyde' timestamp='1302132436' post='38438'] Pretty sure you won't get an update, there are placeholders out where the maelstrom is supposed to be, but none of them are "navs" yet. [/quote] about 4 or 5 navs(inacticve) with a blue ship ? I've been there and nope, No update
  3. It's not a Jenquai mission, its the sequel from Net-7 at Saturn. Helping the news reporters with infos about the Red Dragons in Aragoth Prime. I've been looking around the Ship you mentioned, but so far i didnt get a mission update
  4. I could use some help finding the "Maelstrom" step 1 of hes missions. I've been looking all over Swooping Eagel and planet, but couldnt find anything
  5. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1300910186' post='37096'] Aye, that it is, but that's an instance of matching live. We had data for the drop. It may be adjusted later, but for now it will remain where it is until we take care of other stuff. Good luck on getting the drop with your next kill! [/quote] I Wish anyone a truck load of Luck geting it, i've been helped some other way, else i would have given up on it !
  6. [quote name='Maniac' timestamp='1300906795' post='37091'] Guild Member had to "camp" the spot for like 4-5 days to get theirs, I imagine that's marked as extremely rare. [/quote] and extremely boring too !
  7. is that bloody device realy droping ? 3 days 6-8hrs 35-40 kills and NADA (
  8. i just CTD , after i shut down all/any client and restarted PC , i was able to login but all chars are stuck on the galaxy map, (the one you see when you change sectors) nothing happens after that. after 15 min waiting i was able to login 1 of 3 accounts, just to find my toon dead at the gate i was trying to get thru. there wasnt anything nearby who should or could hit me, not to mention the gate had a guardian turett... bleh :S
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