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  1. I had the same trouble with a couple of my toons a while ago.   The first thing is that the ship, if it is there, is 30k east of the gate which is quite a way off.   I then had trouble with the spawn I think. Someone else was doing the same mission and it looked as if only the latest spawn was present (overwriting?). I saw my ship then it disappeared before I  could zap it :-( and there was the other persons spawn instead, very strange.   After putting in a ticket I was able to continue.
  2. Thanks for all the info Terrell. Apologies to Payne for hijacking your thread.
  3. Do I need to be a specific class with certain skills for him to talk to me or is there a prior step? He wont talk to my TT, has max build skills.   Edit: Doh! I expect you need to be able to build reactors!
  4. I haven't seen a way either.   Where does the mission to get the shooting star reactor start as I have not stumbled across that one yet :-)
  5. Big Thank You to Static for organising these raids. That the larger guilds are willing to put themselves out so that non guildies and members of small guilds can raid can only be good for the game and I for one really appreciate it. I only manage to get in on the last gate raid but really enjoyed it. Thanks also to Daath for the advertising. Bring on the next public rotation :-).
  6. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this Daath.   I was also recommended for my JE for their activated effects: Phoenix Prime (instant transfer of reactor energy to a target) Fornax Borealis (boosts reactor recharge rate for target)
  7. Appologies if this information already exists, I could not find it.   There has been a great deal of information posted recently about how to organise raids now that there is a public slot in the rotation. Thanks to all for that information it's very useful.   I was wondering if the more experienced raiders than me could help contribute to a list of required and useful gear that each class needs to bring to a raid.   This could include specific abilities (e.g. max Hull Patch for a TT) and devices.   This could be a useful resource for those thinking of getting involved and it compliments the other thread on organising raids.
  8. Thanks for fixing the server Zack :),   The server being down gave me a chance to to do real life things, (I know), and earn some domestic bliss points.   Every cloud has a silver lining hehe.   Anyway, cant stand around all day chatting, got trade runs to do
  9. Thanks for that, I've been hoping there was a way (vote qualifying post #5)
  10. that will keep her busy feeding all those! (election qualifying post #4)
  11.   I agree that in order to make ores more valuable in the game positive rather than negative changes are needed. This is something that I would like to see. Ores would certainly be more valuable if the only way to build a sought after item is to obtain refined ores from source rather than by ripping components. Would the concept here be that the actual complex alloys would never be ripped directly from a component but its constituent ores would be made available instead? Then you would need an explorer to complete the task and produce ores missing from the dis-assembly process.
  12. Just typing a similar error Daath, its not just you
  13. NZToffee


    I like the idea of introducing jobs that require teamwork.   Its an accessible and achievable way of encouraging players to work together and to learn the skills needed for group work. Who knows they may enjoy it and take the skills they learn one stage further and take on raiding.   I'd be careful of the size of the penalty for failure. There does need to be a risk but not one so large that it puts players off having another go.
  14. I have been following this topic with great interest as I would like to be involved in the raids sometime soon and am not currently a guild member. I have been playing solo and joining a guild has not seemed important yet.   I notice that some emphasis has been placed on the suitability/experience needed to organise a successful raid.   So,  how do you go about getting the required level of expertise to enable you to organise a successful raid? Is it just a matter of participating in many raids led by others until you can copy what they do? Do the guilds run apprenticeships for prospective raiders? I think developing a toon and the correct attitude for taking part in raids starts way before level 150. I have reached OL135 before realising this, doh!   I am a solo player (tried multi-boxing and don't like it much) who has developed a toon with skills needed for the one rather than skills needed for the group. In order to develop a toon for raiding (and also develop yourself, I guess) it would be necessary to be involved in group play from very early on. The skills the toon/player combination best offers the group could be honed while letting  others contribute the skills they do better than you. Group playing skills (including leading) would be learned at lower levels where the stakes were not so high.   This may seem obvious/trivial but I think the point I am trying to make is that while easier raids may seem counter intuitive they would encourage group play at a lower level of toon (with suitable rewards). I am not sure about the balance of keeping the numbers of the mobs up and just dropping their level but that would seem to offer a reasonable challenge for those of us wishing to get a step onto the raid ladder. Raid kindergarten perhaps. These junior raids still need to be a challenge that requires group play and a reaonable level of organisation. The rewards need to be such that players of lower level toons are encouraged to seek each other out for a break from levelling whether they be guild members or not.   Now that I have been in the game a while and after reading through these posts I would have developed my toon differently so that we were both ready to contribute to a successful raid. There is still hope and as  a last resort for Piri the Doctor Pakratius :)
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