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  1. If it was made similar to the transport the Progen guards to Onocrom prison that would be cool.  Get faction rewards and experience based on the travel and such.  I would like that. 
  2. As if...  we should get the old Disciples guild going again.  Scheduling a meet up in the near future sound good?  Look me up if I'm online.  Any of my characters.  
  3. Sweet Gary,   Yeah, I still remember the old Garystal and Xamiel chars.  Good to know you're jumping back on the bandwagon.  We should hook up.
  4. *Thumbs up*  I like the ideas.  I'm enjoying the Terran Scout, but would love to see some of these suggestions get integrated.   Would definitely like to see Afterburn get a work over, I hardly use it, but then again I'm still lower in level and haven't played the character to the end yet.  I like what I see so far, but I have yet to play enough to give feedback.
  5. Yeah, I was playing around with that feature before.  It's nice.  *thumbs up*
  6. I like the idea of just making the jobs available for everyone.  Knight has it right by it being instanced.   It should be there for anyone coming in looking for it.  For realism, obvioulsy it would make sense that the mission would be removed, however,  for gameplay's sake it make sense to have them available so that botters don't ruin the flow for the other gamers.    If it's a bannable offense, then good.  Nothing worse than someone cheating in a game that's supposed to be fun.  If you can't put in the time to play, then don't play the game.  
  7. The names I use usually reflect myself in some form or fashion.  My nickname for the forums is a take on my real name.  Dana. Some I've used are:  Manfromdenmark, Danemarkian, Danish, The Dane.   Names in game, I usually try and give a name that's suitable and original to the character I'm trying to create.  In the case of the names I have on the emu, I have Carta who is based on a hockey player I created in NHL 11, Revin is a take on Evin from the old EA live days, and Daen is taken from my name. 
  8. The live emu is great, plays just as well as the old live server.  I've been addicted to it again for a few weeks, and about to give it another whirl once summer vacay is over.   Try it for yourself and see.   :)
  9. Danemarkian


    Thanks Ulyydian, that is a good site.  It should help the information base greatly.   I seem to remember some of it from the old Live days.  Good work. :D  
  10. Awesome! That's how I felt.  Except I went to EVE and then went on a long rant about how unplayable and crappy it was.  Then I got hooked into City of Heroes.   All the good MMOs go down.  Why?! *shakes fists at the sky* Why!? *double face palms and starts sobbing*  Why.....
  11. lol   Sorry but that's a funny post.
  12. My old characters from the guild were:   Evin (Terran Warrior) Whitlocke (Terran Trader)
  13. Anyone around from Disciples or Rebellion?  I feel like almost all the hard core gamers from the other guilds are around.  Just curious. :P
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